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Memorable for the service

Had a really pleasant time there this evening celebrating the birthday of my boyfriend. Special thanks to Emma Xiang, who provided us with warm and excellent service, allowing us to dine in at the restaurant with this berry cheesecake (a huge generous amount of berries and a delightful chocolate base for the cheese), and personally wishing my boyfriend a happy birthday :) We had already had our dinner elsewhere and it was an exception for us to have this take-away cake there, so we really appreciate the flexibility provided and I would recommend this place for the great service and ambience!
12 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Best Meal to Begin the Year of 2015

The best meal of 2015 I've had .. So far service is great and the staffs are      all nice. I wanna visit and dine in here again esp gonna recommend to my friends tell them positive things I experienced here
12 Jan 2015 • 723 reviews • 85 followers

Reasonably good food - no more the benchmark for Italian food.

Used to look forward to dining at Prego as I held it up as the benchmark for good Italian food, but not so anymore.  It's still good but standards have dropped.  They do offer a set dinner for $69++ and with the Raffles card,  you get half off but still overpriced.  However they still do good desserts !

Food:  A large group of us ordered a variety of food.  I had the fried calamari rings - size sized but tasty and well fried.  Served it with a salsa sauce but I prfer tartare sauce - it came later after I requested.  The pasta was pene pasta with crab sauce-two lumps of crab meat but the rest were crab flakes,  presumbly from frozen crab.  Pene was underdone and too al dente, even for me although I prefrer al dente textures.  The mains for the set dinner was turkey that night and I requested if to be changed.  They provided barramundi - which is a high class name for "kim bak loh".  Well fried and tasty.  Dessert was tiramisu and that is where they live up to their reputation as THE Italian restaurant - best tiramisu I've tasted in some time.

Others ordered:  Chicken - reasonablye well done with rosemary dressing;  pama ham (which I don't thinks was from parma - the salt is different), Caesar's salad - good.

Value:  Reasonable value using the Raffles card.  Not good value if not.

Ambience:  Busy, clean, noisy well airconditioned.

Service:  Lacking,  had to remind the waiters 3x to get a second basket of bread for the large group that were seated together !
  • Pizza
09 Nov 2014 • 27 reviews • 0 follower


I love meats and cheese - so this should have been amazing.  However, it was only ok. He service was generally good, but even after informing our server of my nut allergy, which she acknowledged - my dessert was brought with nuts.  A potentially fatal error.

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