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Address: Level 1, Fairmont Singapore, 80 Bras Basah Road, 189560

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11 Mar 2014 • 507 Reviews • 68 Followers

My 10th and last visit unless they buck up

Decided to give Prego another chance after a less than desirable lunch a couple of months back. It also helped that there was a 50% reduction in the bill courtesy of the FAR card.     The interior hasn't changed much, with the decor revolving around the use of wood. Whilst I like the abundant sunlight peering in from the floor to ceiling windows and the space the place affords, I can't help but compare it to a buffet/mass market restaurant - hardly befitting an Italian outfit in my humble opinion. But I digress.   Complimentary Bread -This was probably one of the worst complimentary bread I've ever had in an Italian restaurant. 4 trips to Prego in 6 months and I'm still unable to consume more than a mouthful.    Capesante in Crosta - This sounded really good on paper - Scallops coated with cheese and baked till golden brown and served with a mildly sweet pumpkin puree. Unfortunately the combination didn't quite work out. The scallops were smallish and the fishiness didn't quite jell with the cheesiness of the Parmesan nor the sweetness from the pumpkin. Nauseating to say the least, especially if you consume more than 1 piece. Well, at least the earthy taste from the truffle oil was noticeable.   Strozzapreti - The Strozzapreti was akin to a rounder version of the Chinese board noodles (板面); all clumped together with a rather soft texture. Served in a very rich tomato sauce with mushrooms and minced Italian pork sausages. Palatable but probably not something I would order again.    Risotto Frutti Di Mare - The hands down, best dish of the afternoon - the seafood risotto. Al dente with a nice creamy consistency. Only issue I had was with the seafood, which was quite generous but lacked taste (probably frozen). Prawns were crunchy though.   After a 50% discount, lunch for the both of us came up to about $58, which isn't exactly value for money, considering how pedestrian the food was. Food quality seems to have dipped over the years and unless it picks up, this will be my 10th (though I only blogged about 5) and last visit.    See all my pictures here
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