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Prive Cafe

Serving Western dishes, Prive is located along Keppel Bay Vista. Please note that they serve pancakes daily from 09:30 to 17:00.

Daily: 09:00 - 00:00

+65 67760777
$27 based on 148 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (64 votes), Brunch (55 votes), Waterfront (53 votes)

Undiscovered New Gem

Prive means "private" in French, and this restaurant is indeed private. The drive along a 2 lane road is impressive with the flowers lining both side of the road leading to the bridge that connects to Keppel Island.

Other than the marina club, nothing is ready yet but its very peaceful and the sea breeze makes this a great place for a lazy breakfast or Sunday lunch.

We went there on a Sunday afternoon, (it was the 4th day of the restaurant opening), the restaurant itself is in an enclosed room (there is no view). Service wise, they still need a bit of time to get up to speed but I think they're doing alright for such a new restaurant.

Their set menu (consists of start, main and desser) is really great value @ $38++ because its a selection of the dishes from the a-la-carte menu. The portion is exactly the same as when you order from the a-la-carte, where the main cost around $30 and above.

Feedback from the group, in general everyone was happy with their starter, main and especially the desserts, which is rare given that there's normally some dishes that doesn't go down well, but its not the case here.

Would definitely go back there again while its still "unknown and uncrowded", because for the quality of the food going at the set price, it calls for many repeated visit before they change the price!

Now if they only offer Alfresco dining, its a pity that we can't enjoy the natural sea breeze.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Eggs Benedict10 votes
  • all day breakfasts6 votes
  • chocolate tart6 votes
  • milkshakes5 votes
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 148 votes
23 Nov 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower


Service has dropped drastically. Meals don't arrive. Service sloppy. We use to enjoy going there but will give it a miss until food and service improve.
10 Aug 2014 • 579 reviews • 21 followers

Beautiful setting but so-so food

For more reviews, please see

At the water's edge overlooking the marina, Prive Cafe makes a lovely spot for a languorous boozy brunch. Although I generally abhor the alfresco because I usually find the weather way too hot and humid, I actually enjoy the alfresco here because it's so breezy.
 Picturesque setting aside, I'm not so keen on Prive's food. In this day and age where brunch spots are a dime and dozen, it's no longer sufficient to just get by with so-so grub. It's not that the food is bad, it's just that it's not good enough to distinguish itself.
 We had:

1) Avocado and Chorizo Tartine ($18) with a duo of chilli-freckled poached eggs: well-balanced with the tinge of sour cream and peppery rocket and watercress.

2) Egg White Omelette ($19) laced with baby spinach and sauteed button mushrooms: for a healthy option, this didn't compromise on flavour. This was at once tasty and fluffy and moist.

3) Eggs Royale ($18) with poached eggs stacked upon smoked Norwegian salmon and toasted english muffins, and slathered in a velvety, albeit slightly watery, hollandaise sauce

4) Linguine Carbonara ($18): though plentiful with thick-cut bacon and mushrooms and a poached egg, got cloyingly creamy halfway through.

25 Jul 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Enjoyable brunch

Had brunch yesterday at Prive and the pancakes were awesome! Truffle Mushroom Soup was also a kicker! Service staff seemed a little nonchalant though - could be the warm weather. Will definitely be back again though.
24 Jul 2014 • 12 reviews • 0 follower

Come for the view

Nice view especially if you're sitting outside, but the food was so-so. Pancakes were dry and not as fluffy as they should be. The wait staff were very unattentive so it can get quite hard trying to get their attention. 
12 Jul 2014 • 316 reviews • 86 followers

Enjoying the sea view while eating

A very relaxing place to settle yourself at the outdoor area.  To enjoy a breakfast set and feeling the sea breeze.  The only con is the that it's inaccessible.  Otherwise, it's a long walking distance from outside to come in.

By the time, one will feel too sweaty to enjoy any food at any restaurants nearby.