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Set in the heritage quarter of Chinatown, Provence Le Restaurant offers an intimate journey through Mediterranean authentic cuisine. A former protégée of Reine Sammut at La Feniere, Chef Julienne Rocca personally looks after each dish being prepared, using the finest ingredients to deliver plates of intensity and disarming simplicity.

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Aubergine tomatoes Mille feuille.
Aubergine tomatoes Mille feuille.

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A taste of Provence in Tanjong Pagar

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 74

To read my full review with pictures see here:

Just the name 'Provence' for me, evokes fields of lavender, hilltop villages, bouillabaisse, fabulous wines and a charming laid-back life. Well good news for those who have never made it to that Southern region of France, because now you have your very own slice of Provence right here in Singapore.

Provence, le restaurant that is, perfectly located in a shophouse setting is where a warm, welcoming and rustic ambiance complete with paintings from provencal artists hang unfussily on the walls meets an interesting and perfectly executed menu created by Michelin star chef Reine Sammut; and executed by her protege, Chef Fanny...something of a wonderful anomaly being the young, yet already highly experienced chef in the female form that she is.

he menu here is a delight to read. Though small, it is perfectly formed with four of five interesting choices at starter and mains to pique your interest and appetite. But the team at Provence like to keep things fresh, changing their offerings in line with the seasons, so there will surely be reasons to come back if it so happens to capture your heart.

Prices are a little on the high side, but not unexpected at around $21 - $28 for a starter, $28 - $38 for a main and sweets all at $18. Though in return you will be rewarded with quality and delicious flavour. Worth noting they also have a Set Lunch Menu “du Midi” (without wine) : $46 ++ ( 3 courses) and a set Lunch & Dinner Menu “du Marche” (without wine) : $ 88++ ( 4 courses).

We started with the Scallops, fresh as anything and beautifully flavoured with citrus and herbs. For me this dish entirely evoked the taste of summer. We washed it down with an artisanal wine - a 2007 Domaines des Chenes Les Olivettes, typical of the craft wines that Provence likes to stock and serve, giving you a wonderful opportunity to explore lesser known regions and a wider variety of terroir.

The Bouillabaisse - a wonderful fish stew/soup typical of the region was rich, complex and fragrant, just as it should be. Packed full of farmhouse vegetables, holding prawns and mussels in it's warm, comforting embrace and finished off with a fine pastry crust. It was absolutely delicious.

The Braised Ox Cheek, another dish typical of the region, will have you rolling back your eyes in bliss and proclaiming ooh-la-la because it's simply divine! The meat is so fantastically soft that it melts in your mouth like butter, and if this isn't enough to send you straight to foodie heaven then combine rich chocolate flavours, lightened by lemon and it certainly will. The dish is a show-stopper and a definite must in my book. I could have eaten it a thousand times over.

You can read the rest of my review here:

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Charming Little Restaurant

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 18

Stripped off its fussy table cloths, Provence Le Restaurant now offers a decidedly more casual vibe. Worth at least two minutes of your admiration are the handcrafted tabletops made painstakingly from the wine crates of the suppliers which populate the excellent wine selection. To go with these new elements is the new chef, Julienne Rocca, a native of Southwest France. She brings her own stamp to the cuisine which fortunately for me and my dining companions turned out to be quite a gastronomic pleasure. In the last weeks of Feb, I went twice in as many weeks for lunch, partly to check out the changes and also to suss out the food.
On the first visit, the starter of scallops was perfectly cooked, sitting on a bed of greens and dressed lightly with extra-virgin, minced shallot, diced tomatoes and a dash of lemon juice. The main of grilled quail was equally yummy, nicely charred and came sprinkled with sea-salt flakes. Dessert was a warm chocolate tart, simply but beautifully plated on waves of raspberry coulis.
The second lunch saw a starter of crab salad, slightly piquant, and wonderfully refreshing. If I had to gripe about it though, I would say that it could have had more crab, but maybe I'm just being greedy. My main was grilled lamb chops, perfect and pink, trimmed of most of the fat, but with enough left on to savour the joy that only crispy salty crackly lamb fat can offer! Accompanying the mains were a bowl of mixed greens and a warm cocotte of delectable truffled mashed potatoes. Dessert was lemon tart, which thankfully was neither too sweet nor too sour.
All in all, given the lighter atmosphere, the good food and the exquisite wine list, Provence makes for an extremely pleasant and convivial venue. Also, further good news for diners, especially those often in that area, is the launch of their new set lunch menu. At $30++, inclusive of a glass of wine, I'd say that's quite a steal. Bon appetit!

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Great dining experience. Cozy and warm.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 20

I really like my first visit in provence le restaurant, the warm welcome makes me feel really comfortable with the place. Also the paintings were very artistic. The set of meals were fantastically made, specially the fish stew which has a very appetizing aroma. I really enjoyed the food considering that it doesn't cost that much.

I will certainly recommend this place!

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