#01-41, 78 Guan Chuan Street, 160078
European, Italian, Pizza, Western
+65 92267088

Daily: 11:00 - 22:30

$25 based on 9 submissions

Diffrentiating itself from the other PS Cafe outlets, this branch in Tiong Bahru fuctions as a take-away booth for freshly made pizzas and wines only. Approach the friendly service staff for recommendations on which wine to pair with the selection of nine pizzas.

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Petit indeed!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 152

PS. Café Petit is a new-ish addition to Tiong Bahru, bringing the popular chain’s artisanal pizzas, paninis and gourmet salads to TB estate. The new menu also offers a wide array of cakes, slices and delicious ice cream flavours for a sugary after-dinner treat. PS. Café Petit is smaller than the other PS. locations but still offers takeaway and dine-in service. Their newly designed space features monochrome finishes, dim lighting and a sense of old worldly French ambience. Find out more here on City Nomads.

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Over-priced food & drinks

Total Reviews: 7

I deduce that people who patronize PS cafe prefer ambience to value-for-money food. The food was tasty but has very little ingredients for the price you pay. The crab pasta had chopped up prawns instead of full prawns. The $26 carbonara pizza and salad was $26 and $12 for nothing much. The lemon grass tea was $7. No service charge because you order at the counter and food is delivered to you. The exorbitant prices are more than enough to cover the additional tax and service charge. I also don't like that the food and drinks are served in disposal meant for takeaway even for dining in. It's not environmentally friendly. Would I come again? Only if my friends want to.

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Service was horrible, extremely rude & insulting.

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Service was horrible & discrimination was clear.    I arrived with a client at 7pm, received our food around 715pm beside a table of 2 Caucasian ladies occupying 4 seats who were there way earlier than us as they had long finised their food.    Both of us were dining & waiting for another client to come.
Eric, the service crew, came by twice & asked what time our third guest is coming before taking a chair away as we were taking two tables with 4 seats-fine by me as we are not using that seat at all. 
Meanwhile he was all smiles to the table beside us. (The 2 caucasian ladies occupying 2 tables.)   I had to call my third guest/client to ask for location as Eric asked if our third guest is turning up twice- (pretty rude). Eric even enquired for the duration of wait.  Our third guest came by at 8pm as he was delayed from a previous meeting & we went to order a quick dessert before deciding on ordering other items. 

Prior to serving us, Eric was chatting very warmly with another Caucasian customer before our turn.  While taking my order- Eric immediately asked if it is my first time here & said that this is a crowded time so he hinted for us to leave (as we had 3 people occupying 2 tables). 

I mentioned that the table beside us were seated longer than us & he said: "You know - that is because they ordered wine & pizza." (referring to the 2 caucasian ladies occupying 2 tables.) 
I guess we don't deserve the two tables even though we had 3 people occupying them as we only had salad, fries, coffee & dessert. 
  I asked him if this is customer service, he replied me insolently:" Don't talk to me about customer service."   Eric made all these derogatory remarks to me at the counter while I had my client beside me watching which adds on to the repulsive experience.    I understand if this is a peak timeslot & customers are waiting for seats however to say that a customer is entitled to dine for a longer duration based on the food ordered & amount spent is ridiculous and offensive. We left the restaurant at shortly after & drove off to another bar instead. Needless to say, the tables beside us are still occupied by the same Two caucasian ladies because clearly in Eric's words: they had wine & pizza. (thus have the right to occupy the tables for a longer duration)

I wrote in to their management & Simon replied with all the fancy words defending their staff & even manipulating his words, not a slight bit apologetic to the service we have experienced. 

Extremely rude & insulting service experience here. 

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