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Que Pasa

Latin AmericanMexicanPizzaWine
Que Pasa is located at Emerald Hill Road and specialises in interior designer & home decorator

Daily: 12:00 - 02:00

+65 62356626
$42 based on 15 submissions
Dinner (8 votes), After Work (7 votes), Wine Lists (7 votes)
Ruth Baxter


A quaint little placed tucked away in Emerald Hill. The food is unpretentious, the wine list is affordable and the general ambience of the area is wonderful. Quite a good place to sit down with a bunch of friends, and enjoy a few glasses of wine!

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  • Anchovies Bread1 vote
  • Assorted Mushrooms1 vote
  • House wine1 vote
  • Kebah1 vote
  • Squid and Pizza1 vote
  • Swiss Cheese1 vote
  • almost all are pretty good1 vote
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04 Dec 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Que Pasa?

Que Pasa which means "Passing" in Spanish (blame Google Translate if it's in-accurate). That's what one should do with this place, just pass by. We noticed most of the crowd here was a spill over from the nice Ice Cold bar next door which is definitely more happening. But if you are up for an ambience and some really bad trained service staff "passing's" the place for you. The food was below average with a general lack of flavours. The server recommended a wine which tasted better only after we order sprite to go along with it (it was a white).

The worse part of the place is not the food it's the service (or general lack of it). The managers are slightly short of being rude and are un-professional to put it lightly.
13 Oct 2011 • 4 reviews • 0 follower


A quaint little placed tucked away in Emerald Hill. The food is unpretentious, the wine list is affordable and the general ambience of the area is wonderful. Quite a good place to sit down with a bunch of friends, and enjoy a few glasses of wine!
24 Jul 2011 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

¿Que Pasa?

Our experiences of tapas bars in Singapore have gone something like this:

Q: "Excuse me, this Chorizo doesn't taste like Chorizo?"

A:"Er ... no sorry, it's Singapore sausage"

So I guess we shouldn't have been surprised/disappointed by Que Pasa.

It looks and sounds pretty much like your typical theme restaurant - plastic onions hanging over the bar, spanish pop in the background.

The wine list is fairly varied and reasonable value.

The menu however was just wierd. No patatas bravas, no croquettas, no pollo al ajillio .... the menu was a strange mix of fried offerings, none of the familiar tapas dishes you look forward to.

I found something which looked a bit like tortillia (spanish potato omelette) and also ordered prawns with chilli and garlic, antipasto (in a spanish tapas bar? I know...) and some mixed olives. We also asked for bread as it was not complimentary.

Our wine arrived first, then the olives and some thinly sliced baquette. We were immediately presented with the bill and asked how we were going to pay ...

We handed over a credit card and signed the bill slip then waited for our food.

After about 30mins the tortillia and prawns arrived. Within the first mouthful of each we realised that both dishes tasted of .... nothing. Everything was cooked in vegetable oil. The prawns were swimming in it ...gross - you can't dip bread in corn oil! The antipasto was a tiny bowl of cold peppers, aubergine and courgette ... ok.

We ordered another glass of wine, again the waitress asked us to sign a slip. At this point we refused ... they had our card behind the bar if we did a runner. It kind of ruined the mood to have someone chase you down to pay after every drink. We mentioned this to the waitress who apologised. Apparently it was the manager's policy. I guess this is the same manager who thinks you can run a tapas bar without olive oil...

After leaving, we had a few drinks in one of the bars outside ... our bar tab was almost the same as our restaurant bill in Que Pasa and we were allowed to pay once on leaving.

Que Pasa has a great location, young and friendly staff ... but dumb management.

05 Mar 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

this place used to be cool

Service has suffered- now you have to sign everytime you order something, which is fine if youre drinking beers on the street. But if you're there for a couple of hours, its not a very good customer experience.

also- they wont allow you take photos of the interior. I think this is shit, so I'm posting a photo i took last night.
17 Feb 2011 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

valentine's day

Firstly, i love the ambiance. It was amazing! and so was the food!there were 4 of us and we had the meatballs, chicken quesadilla, the four cheese pizza and this other with prawns called IBC or something. and we had a champagne and 2 glasses of white wine. I love the champagne it was good and cheap! i paid 12 for a glass of champagne and 14 each for the white wine.

Overall the price was reasonable and i think they do not charge the 10% service charge or something. Which may explain why they took 3 dollars worth of change and did not come back with it. well honestly, i feel that tips should be chosen by the customers whether or not to give and not something that you assume and forgot and not return yeah.

so basically everything went well, except for the cash transaction.