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An aura of timeless elegance sets the tone for the Hotel's formal dining room. Beautifully restored to its former glory, with French windows overlooking the Palm Court, Raffles Grill captures the true essence of fine dining. A blend of classical and contemporary French cuisine, the menu is light and innovative.

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Stuffed quail rolls with black trompette mushroom, foie gras, butternut gnocchi and supreme sauce
Stuffed quail rolls with black trompette mushroom, foie gras, butternut gnocchi and supreme sauce
Young zucchini risotto, zucchini flower tempura and white truffles
Young zucchini risotto, zucchini flower tempura and white truffles
Angel hair, chanterelle, quail egg, albufera sauce  and white truffle
Angel hair, chanterelle, quail egg, albufera sauce and white truffle

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White truffle season is back

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 295

White truffle season is on again at Raffles Grill. Because of the ingredient's limited availability, dishes with Alba white truffle are served for both lunch and dinner only while stocks last. That is also the reason a main portion of this stuffed quail roll with white truffle and black trim petite mushrooms, foie gras, butternut gnocchi and supreme sauce is priced at $88. Every additional gram of white truffle is $19. Talk about living the rich life.

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The Raffles Grill

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 3
Total Reviews: 13

Very posh old world ambiance, quiet good for a Palace Grill, french cook, wine list and of course high end prices, but that is expected. Not a fun place, the day I went there two tables were occupied. The service? Slow, I had the feeling to be lonely in this lovely dining room, so no people watching and plenty of time to read my book between the rare appearances of the waiter. In the lobby, it is quiet amusing to watch the hotel customers, the bird flying around the piano, as for the waiter they seemed to think they are there more for decoration than attending. The famous Bar outside on the first floor? It is not my cup of tea and I don't drink Singapore Sling. It as a touch of a saloon in California in the 1880th, the floor is full of peanuts shells.As far as the service is concerned I rated it 5, because it is one of The Leading Hotels of the World, and I felt more like in a tiny luxury restaurant, service wise.

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Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Review: 1

Altogether overrated.  Dinner for 4.  Service was officious, bordering on pretentious.  Airflown scallops were bland.  Beef main course was average at best.  Wine was well overpriced.  Overall, meal was uninspiring, yet bill came close to SGD1,800.  Doesnt even compare to any of MPW's entry-level eateries in London.  Pity. 

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Disappointing Evening

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 14

We wanted to go somewhere very upmarket and decided on Raffles Grill as a real treat. This was one of the most disappointing meals we have eaten in Singapore.

We booked a table for 8.30 and turned up at 8.20, we were seated in the bar area and at 8.50 we asked if we could please go through, we had still not even seen a menu.

On a plus point the waiters were very helpful and described the items on the menu to us all, we were recommended to have the Chefs menu at $165 ++ per person which 4 of us chose to have.

It was a 5 course meal, first we were all given our pre-starter, which was some sort of carrot moussey/soup type thing and tasted OK ish but was little more than a thimble full. Next for our meal came Duck Liver Pate with citrus fruit, the fruit was lovely the pate was NOT, it was in some sort of jelly like skin and had little taste other than slimy jelly, the other 3 had smoked salmon which looked lovely but had hardly any taste at all and desperately needed some lemon juice to bring the flavour out. Next was Lobster soup which was probably the best part of the whole meal, then a fish course which again was not bad, then the main course was Wagjyu Beef Cheek - revolting, mashed potato - which looked more like double cream. Then came the pre- dessert, a tiny portion of fruits and ice cream then the dessert - some sort of bread with apricots and a very weird tasting ice-cream.

All in all the service was good, although for the standard of the restaurant there were some little things the waiters did not get right - leaning across people to serve the person next to them, dripping red wine which narrowly missed one of the guests white shirt, serving the men before the women.

The ambience was very very formal, the pianist was excellent but once he stopped for the evening it was far too quiet and with 7 of us in our party we were very conscious of the noise we seemed to be making.

All 7 of us were disappointed so much so that we would not only NOT recommend this restaurant we would tell people not to go. Raffles is using its name to charge ridiculous prices and serve food that is not worthy of half the price.

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