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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons serves delicious ramen for everyone to love.

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Winter Ramen
Winter Ramen
Spring Ramen
Spring Ramen
It's a small shop but the ambience is very good.
It's a small shop but the ambience is very good.
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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons Review | The Living Inventory

I had been planning for a second trip since my first visit to Keisuke. It was hard to avoid this place since Bugis was along the way home after booking out.

But having the book-out timing meet the opening hours was the difficult part. Nevertheless, I was lucky to book out right when they opened for the afternoon crowd!

Located under one of the quaint shop houses along Rochor road. Tonkotsu King makes no attempt to hide it's presence. On a bright afternoon I couldn't help but notice bright light reflecting from the golden signboard placed outside the restaurant's door.

Right when I opened the front door I could smell the simmering tonkotsu broth. The space was tightly packed with wooden furniture and sakuras were strung across the ceiling, creating a surreal feeling of dining in a Japanese ramen restaurant.

Besides the surreal atmosphere, the ramen is the main highlight of this post. I am very impressed by the amount of attention the chefs payed to preparing the ramen. Ensuring the correct timing and proper technique to produce the right texture and springyness to the ramen.

After preparing the ramen, the thick savory broth were then scooped from the heated pot into the bowl of ramen. The thickness and saltiness of the broth hits the right spot. It isn't as thick and salty as Menya Musashi or as light as Ramen Monster.

And before serving the ramen, the chashu were sliced from a thick slab of chashu that was seared till the skin was charred and slightly crispy.

The chashu is packed with unami on the first bite and leaves a bitter sweet aftertaste that complements the unami very well.

The ramen is not the only aspect that surpasses the common standard. Keisuke offers free eggs and marinated bean sprouts as well. For the first time, I felt that the service charge was well payed for.

Overall i would say that Keisuke is one of the most affordable ramen restaurant in town that offers the best ramen and service. It is definitely a must try if you happen to be around Bugis.

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Green Tea Cola ftw

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4

Has been visiting here frequently ever since my friend first brought me here.

One of my top choices for to satisfy my ramen cravings.

The place is quite spacious but there is always a crowd when I visit.


Tried Tonkotsu Ramen “Winter” and “King” ramen with all the add ons.

Personally, I prefer the Winter one as the soup base is more to my liking.

The ramen comes with a soft boiled egg, but there are also free flow hardboiled eggs and beansprouts.

The beansprouts tasted pretty good.


Ordered a la carte “Gyoza” and “Fried Rice”.

Nothing special to shout about, but the “Fried Rice” was seriously overpriced.


Highly recommended. Don’t forget to get your Green Tea Cola. :)

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Ramen(winter) and Green Tea Cola

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3

There are always long queue for this ramen store at bugis. Their ramen comes in 4 main types and this four main types are namely base on different season, sping, autumn, summer and winter. The summer is the spicy ramen with chilli toppings, but my most favourite is the winter. The thick broth and the springyness of the noodle match heavenly. Their store provides free flow of fully cooked eggs for you. You can eat as many eggs as you like. The ramen itself has one flavoured egg with watery yolk, but the free flow eggs are those none flavoured and fully cooked, does not taste as nice as ramen flavoured egg. They allow you the select the thickness of the broth for your soup, so if you like very thick and salty broth, you can select it bas eon your preference. Even for noodles, you can select the texture from soft to medium to hard. I would normally select hard texture and allow me to share why. If you select hard, you get to try your noodle at different texture. Initially you eat it hard, as you put within soup, it will slowly turn medium and you enjoy how the noodle is like at medium texture, and then when comes to the end of the bowl, your remaining noodle turn soft, and you can try your soft noodles.Another add on for reccomendation is the green tea cola. Yes, it is green tea and cola mixed, refer to my pictures attached. You can feel faint taste of green tea for a clear taste and the add on of fizziness with sweet cola.

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