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Ramen Bar Suzuki

Ramen Bar Suzuki is a Japanese restaurant along Raffles place area serving the best and authentic Japanese dishes with more dynamic texture and servings.

Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 22:00

Closed: Sun

$16 based on 19 submissions
Nancy Ide

Fuss free ramen

Went to the new outlet at Joo Chiat Road at Alibabar. The noodles were good and fuss-free--a steal at $12.

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Based on 19 votes
24 Nov 2014 • 1909 reviews • 258 followers

Ramen with a light broth

This small little hole in the wall popular eatery at Boat Quay drives quite a heavy lunch crowd, and it was with great anticipation that I came by to check it out recently.

Once seated, you can eat the abundant amount of eggs available. A little pricier at $18, I had expected better. First, the pork broth was too light, indicating that less time was put into the boiling of the broth as it did not have a strong creamy texture that I would have preferred. Secondly, the char siu was a little on the tougher side and did not have the melt in the feeling.

While the overall experience was okay, I still feel that there are better options available out there such as Santouka, that offers better value for money.
15 Sep 2014 • 7 reviews • 2 followers

Fuss free ramen

Went to the new outlet at Joo Chiat Road at Alibabar. The noodles were good and fuss-free--a steal at $12.
09 Jun 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Absolutely love the ramen here!

With every order of ramen, you get free flow of (hard-boiled) eggs, seasoned beansprouts (super yummy and addictive!), sesame (for that extra fragrant), garlic chips (hmm... not a fan), fried pork lard (ooo... I didn't see that!), steamed Japanese rice (available only during lunch time) and their ultimate potato salad (too delish!!!). Oh, and the chilled genmaicha (brown rice tea) is free flow too, very refreshing and thirst-quenching...

03 May 2014 • 136 reviews • 0 follower

Super good tsukemen! - A reminiscent of Tokyo

Ramen Bar Suzuki really hits the soft spot for me. Very delicious tsukemen here. I think menya musashi is the other place that sells tsukemen but according to my ramen fanatic friend, this is much much better. In case you may be wondering why is it called tsukemen, I think that there is a literal meaning to it. tsuke means attach while men means noodles. It really means to just dip your noodles before you consume it. So please don't drink the super heavy tasting and rather salty sauce as you will just dehydrate yourself and not appreciate this bowl of good ramen. So, don't wait any longer and get down to this restaurant to try its tsukemen if you haven't! I strongly believe that the other hot ramen would taste equally good as most Japanese who ordered them were slurping happily away.

For more details, please visit:
02 Nov 2013 • 25 reviews • 0 follower

great ramen place

Great ramen place in CBD area. Yummy soup base and noodle. Free flow of green tea, eggs, mash potatoes, and bean sprouts. Worth trying. I will be back pretty soon!