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Ramen Santouka (Cuppage Terrace)

Santouka strictly maintains the exact same cooking standards as the other Ramen Santouka restaurants around the world. Although some believe that the soup may not be hot enough, they purposefully maintain the soup at its optimal temperature to best be enjoyed by everyone.

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Fri: 17:30 - 00:00

Sat: 12:00 - 00:00

Sun: 12:00 - 21:30

+65 62351059
$21 based on 46 submissions
Lunch (11 votes), Dinner (10 votes), After Work (6 votes)

delicious pork cheek

Finally get to try this ramen place after All the rave. The spicy soup is a little overwhelming for the throat but the pork cheek was good. For more reviews head over to:

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  • pork cheeks (toruniku)11 votes
  • Japanese egg7 votes
  • Shio ramen6 votes
  • ramen with miso base2 votes
  • Char Siew1 vote
  • Mixed base soup ramen1 vote
  • Ramen1 vote
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16 Jan 2015 • 1942 reviews • 259 followers

The Soup Is Too Salty

… and the pork too tough. Santouka Ramen has always been viewed as one of the best ramen to enter Singapore. However, a recent visit to its flagship store at Cuppage was very disappointing.   First, the shoyu ramen was really salty, and the noodles did not do a good job of soaking up the essence of the broth. In fact, when I was served, the noodles were tough and “al dente”. Adding to this was that the char siu was also quite tough. Spending on this meal was a tough pill to swallow.   Better though was the pork cheek, which was served on a hot stone. This has a good “melt in the mouth” feeling , and is not for the weak hearted as it will your blood vessels will have to work harder to pump more blood after a few slices.
19 Dec 2014 • 13 reviews • 1 follower

delicious pork cheek

Finally get to try this ramen place after All the rave. The spicy soup is a little overwhelming for the throat but the pork cheek was good. For more reviews head over to:
Store front
11 Dec 2014 • 210 reviews • 3 followers

Good Set Lunch Options at Santouka Ramen

We were at the Centrepoint – Orchard Road area and looking for a place to dine for lunch.   We walked past the Cuppage Terrace and came across a ‘1 for 1’ deal for ramen and their set lunches.   We decided to go with the ‘1 for 1’ deal for their set lunches. The set lunches have a total of 8 options: -          Chicken Karaage -          Deep fried Prawns -          Deep fried Prawn and Fried Salmon -          Gyoza For each of the above, you get a choice of: -          Rice ball wrapped in sweet tofu skin or -          Salmon rice ball with seaweed.   In addition, each set comes with a bowl of ramen. You have a choice of flavours for your ramen soup base: Salt, Soy sauce, Miso or hot Miso. You can also upsize your noodles to medium size for an additional $1 or large for $3.   As there were 4 of us, we ordered 1 each for the sets available, and chose both the rice ball and salmon rice ball, so that we can try both.   Here’s the verdict: -          Chicken Karaage: The chicken pieces were quite large and deep fried to a dark brown. Chicken were juicy. -          Deep fried Prawns: This is of the frozen kind. Nothing much to shout about. -          Deep fried Prawn and Fried Salmon: Prawn as mentioned earlier. The salmon was rather dry for my liking. -          Gyoza: 3 pieces of gyoza. It was ok. -          Rice ball wrapped in sweet tofu skin: The tofu skin was sweet and this is eaten like a sushi. -          Salmon rice ball with seaweed: cooked salmon that has been flaked and mixed into the Japanese rice together with furikake. It is pressed into a mould to ge the triangle shape and a piece of seaweed is placed on the outside. This was delicious and my lunch group loved it. Must try! -          Ramen: Each of us ordered different soup base. I had the miso and it was just salty enough for me. Loved it.   For 4 pax, we spent $45.   Try it!
30 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Nice food, not the service

We chose this place for a birthday dinner of a girlfriend and we have 7 of us, but coming from different places after work, so, some were early and some were late, and we were being asked to wait until all of us have arrived then can be seated. The way we were being treated by the waiter were not in a friendly way, and my friends are not pleased by their service.
 Anyway. we still managed to be seated in-door after waited for about 30 minutes at the waiting area. 
 Overall, we love their food. 
 I have ordered Awase Aji Ramen set ($15). It's is a very big portion of set meal, big bowl of ramen and a rice, with a glass of oolong tea. The broth (a combination of Shio, Shoyu & Miso) tasted so flavourful and heavenly good. The ramen was cooked nicely and springy. It also contains 2 slices of pork (charsu) and 1 egg (Komi Tamago) in the bowl. If you are a big eater, or very hungry, this is the best choice. The bowl of rice is to be eaten with the remaining of the broth after you finished your ramen. I did not able to finish both. Tried a spoon of rice with the broth and still preferred the ramen instead. The broth is the only thing I managed to finish in the end. :D
 Apart from my order, J ordered Sake Ikura Gohan, a rice bowl with salmon and salmon roe, and she commented that it is heavenly good, very flavourful and a good bowl of rice. Other than that, JT's order - Toroniku Shio, is another good choice with nice charsu and tasteful broth. 
 Overall, we enjoyed our food last night but not their service, I think there are plenty of room for improvement. 
Grilled tokusen toroniku
03 Jun 2014 • 27 reviews • 0 follower

All time favorite ramen in Singapore!

For full review, please visit my blog The Engineer Chef:
  Ramen Santouka is originally from the city of Asahikawa in Hokkaido, but it serves not the Asahikawa nor Sapporo style ramen, but the Hakata style ramen. There are three main broth types served: Shio (salt), Shoyu (soy sauce), and Miso (soy bean paste). The Shio ramen would be the traditional Tonkotsu broth Hakata ramen.    In addition to the delicious soup broth and noodle consistency, Ramen Santouka is popular for its Tokusen Toroniku(pork cheek meat), that is deemed to be the most tender part of pork and is very soft and delicious. When you dine at Santouka, ordering ramen that comes with Tokusen Toroniku is a must. Otherwise, you may also order a bowl of regular ramen with charsu and order Tokusen Toroniku (normal or char-grilled) as a side. 

My favorite Ramen broth at Santouka would be the Awase Aji, which is a combination of all three broth: shio, shoyu, and miso. If you order the Awase Aji ramen, it comes in a set that consists of a bowl of ramen with charsu, a bowl of rice, an ajitsuke tamago, and a cup of tea. I love the taste of the broth, and after you finish the noodle, you can eat the rice together with the remaining ramen broth. This would be the dish that I always order at Ramen Santouka. 

My next favorite ramen broth would be the Shio. Usually I would order a small (S) size Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen, with an additional ajitsuke tamago. 

If you are bored with the traditional and common ramen types, you might be interested to order the Hiyashi Chuka, which is the Japanese cold noodle that is typically served during the summer. The Hiyashi Chuka is served with a few slices of Tokusen Toroniku. I would say that the Hiyashi Chuka at Ramen Santouka is not the best. The soy dressing was too salty and too sour than my liking. The acid could have been reduced and the sweetness could have been increased. Other than that, the toppings and ramen noodle were good. 

I love Ramen Santouka as the broth was perfect. It was perfectly seasoned - not too salty, and just the right amount of umami. What's more important? It's lighter than the typical tonkotsu broth (say at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King), which I prefer. The consistency of the noodle was great too. The charsu? They are as good as the Tokusen Toroniku so you could actually choose which meat to eat according to your mood. Perhaps the only downside of Ramen Santouka is their ajitsuke tamago. I found the tamago slightly overcooked and too sour (I wonder where the acid kicked in) - and the taste is consistent in my many visits.    Overall, Ramen Santouka is my favorite Ramen bar and has always been my go to Ramen eating place.