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Santouka strictly maintains the exact same cooking standards as the other Ramen Santouka restaurants around the world. Although some believe that the soup may not be hot enough, they purposefully maintain the soup at its optimal temperature to best be enjoyed by everyone.

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Roasted Pork Cheeks Ramen
Roasted Pork Cheeks Ramen

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Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Reviews: 180

I was surprised to received an email from Ramen Santouka. It seem that being a follower of Ramen Santouka, I will receive a free bowl of ramen on the week after my birthday, which was quite a great deal considering that a bowl of ramen costs about $13.50++ at the ramen outlet.

There was 2 ramen outlets in Singapore, Clark Quay and Orchard. I decide to visit the Orchard outlet as I had not eaten there before. The outlet was lcoated next to Harry's in a row of shophouse, behind Centrepoint Shopping Centre. There was both indoor and outdoor dine in area, but most prefer indoor as it was air-con. I was showed to a table indoor. While it was cooling, I could not feel the air-con. Could be due to the place was packed.

There was 4 choices for the free ramen : shio, shoyu, miso, and kara miso (spicy). I decided on the miso version.

Food was served swiftly together. Water was served free of charge.

Miso Ramen ($13.50++)
The ramen was served topped with fish cake, sesame seeds, shredded black fungus, bamboo shoots, and shredded spring onions. The soup base smelt quite porky. It tasted quite rich and flavoured, but porky too. Although the serving looked small, I was quite full after having it.

Sake Ikura Gohan ($5++)
Grilled Salmon & Salmon Roe Rice Bowl
The salmon flakes was just a thin spread of layer on top of the rice. Felt disappointed in the serving. The salmon flakes was a bit too salty.

Overall the food was not bad. The place was a bit too warm with barely any air-con. I was seated by the wall, which seat was rather worn out and sunk in. Think its time for the place to get a makeover.

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Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 121

I cannot deny the fact that this is by far still the best tonkotsu base broth in singapore. Would love to try something that can challenge this position. Noodle is very chewy and q. Best when a set is ordered and rice is poured into the soup after noodle is done. Pork cheeks win any other charsiew of its kind hands down. But gets abit sickening when ordered in extreme amount. Everyone should go and try it out, it really really nice and delicious

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Roasted Pork Cheeks

Total Reviews: 75

Decidedly went for Santouka after they sent me an email for my birthday treat. Have patronised here several time. In terms of location, it wasn’t hard to find. The seats were somewhat cramped and the place was a bit warm. The waiters and waitresses were very friendly. Although the roasted pork cheeks have a lot of fatty parts, it was still maddeningly satisfying. Nevertheless it was overall a nice experience. Recommended: Roasted pork cheeks and shoyu ramen. Unless you would like a stronger flavour, go for miso based soup. Remember to sign up for J Passport for good deals.

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Pork Cheek d*** good!

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 202

Santouka Ramen is my top favorite place for ramen! Not only they serve good ramen but also their service is good, especially one of the middle age lady working at Cuppage outlet. She is so friendly and reminds me to eat my ramen as soon as it is being served to avoid the noodles from soaking too long. My favorite order at this place is their Pork Cheek Ramen, and I high recommend everyone to try this! The pork cheek is heavenly good, they were soft that it melts in your mouth!

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