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Review for Ramen Santouka (Central, Eu Tong Sen)


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01 Mar 2014 • 404 Reviews • 3 Followers

Santouka - dont understand what the fuss is all about

The restaurant is designed in a simplistic authentic Japanese style, in light wooden hues and white backdrop. It emits a warm, serene, cosy ambience that draws diners in. We liked the ceiling-floor glass windows that allows us a lovely view of Clarke Quay / Singapore River, making it a dining-with-a-view concept.

I ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen - pork broth with a hearty, rich miso paste, medium-sized wheat noodles, bamboo shoots and jelly ears - the Cha Shu (pork) is made from one certain part of pork back ribs where the meat and fatty portions are well balanced. I added a braised egg.

While the broth, noodles and Cha Shu were rather tasty - the latter lovingly tender as well - we were not very impresed with the Ramen at Santouka. The broth was not spicy contrary to its name and colour. I had to sprinkle a lot of chilli powder on my own to bring out the spicy taste. If one does not want spiciness, the broth itself actually tastes rather sumptuous. It was rather greasy though.

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