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Review for Red Pig Korean Restaurant


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22 Jul 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Ordinary Experience

I was there on a Saturday night with a friend and at 8.45pm, they were preparing to close. We wanted to try the bbq but was told we have to order at least two serving of meat. Being small eater, we decided to just order other stuff instead, the dinner menu was so limited we had a hard time deciding what to order. We were served chilled pale yellow colour water, it tasted like super diluted dish-water.
We order the spicy beef kimchi soup,  seafood pancake and kimchi salad.
The soup was tasty, the beef was so hard, we mistook it for dried wood. The seafood pancake consist of rubbery squid and vegetable and th side dishes was not impressive either, I think I do a better kimchi than what was served. 
Overall, it was disappointing, for the price, I could have gone for a korean bbq buffet instead.
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