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Hotel Re! features an equally enticing all-day casual dining restaurant, Re!Fill, which resonates the same theme of the swinging 70’s and delights guests with its lineup of delicacies. Re!Fill is the perfect place to chill out with friends and family. Accompanied by the placid environment of the serene city park, guests are given the privilege to savour their meals without rushing through them. Re!Fill serves buffet breakfast daily from 7am to 10.30am. Guests are able to make their selections from our ala carte menu for lunch and dinner.

Daily: 07:00 - 22:30

+65 68278226
$28 based on 33 submissions
Dinner (17 votes), Lunch (16 votes), Quiet (12 votes)
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Lobster Set for $28.80, SO CHEAP!

How much does a lobster cost?

$50? $100?

At Hotel Re!â��s Re!Fill Restaurant, you can have a Lobster Set for just $28.80! Created by Chef William Ang, the lobster set is available from March to May, which features 5-course dishes such as Smoked Duck Breast Salad with Walnut Roasted Sesame Dressing, Mushroom Soup etc.

The common salad dressings we have eaten includes caesar dressing, extra virgin olive oil, Thousand Island dressing, vinaigrette, wafu dressing etc. But Chef William Ang created roasted sesame dressing for Smoked duck breast and mesclun salad which was refreshing and started the meal on a good note.

Next, we had Trio of Mushroom Soup. I actually prefer the thick puree soup, but this warm and creamy soup was comforting.

And here comes the star of the night: Oven baked herbs infused Garlic Butter Lobster, Spaghetti fungi with medley of vegetables. The sweet buttery lobster spaghetti was complemented by occasional punches of robust garlic and hints of refreshing oven baked herbs.

End off your meal with Hotel Re! Temptation Delight which included a small plate of yam pudding, mint chocolate ice cream, mango sago and mango wrapped with coconut. The mangoes were sweet!

This lobster set promotion is available all day including weekends at $28.80++.

Want to try Re!Fill's Abalone Seafood Laksa? Click here to find out more!

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  • apple pie ala mode3 votes
  • crispy thai fried chicken2 votes
  • Crabmeat Fried Rice with Salted Fish1 vote
  • Everything on the set menu.1 vote
  • brownie with vanilla icecream1 vote
  • chargrilled tenderloin steak1 vote
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05 May 2013 • 292 reviews • 22 followers

Re!Fill @ Hotel Re! - Menu Re!Fresh, Re!juvenate & Re!launch

For the full review and photos, click here:

Thank you HungryGoWhere and Marketing Team of Hotel Re! for the invites to the food tasting session.

In April 2013, Re!Fill Re!Launch a Re!Fresh and Re!Juvenate menu to better serve the hotel guests, patrons and regular customers of Re!Fill. Spoilt with more than 80 items on the menu, combining local and international cuisine to delight the palate to the Re!Fill customers.   So when there are so many items on the menu, I will normally go for the jugular, the items in Chef's special . For starter, we had Pan-Seared Duck Breast Mesclun (small salad leaves) Salad with Walnut and Mango in roasted sesame dressing. This item has been a permanent resident of Re!Fill menu, it is light, refreshing and perfect for the palate. The duck breast is moist and tender, and the Japanese influence sesame dressing really binds all the salad components and give you the WOW and Yummy taste. This is a definite must try here!!!   Hotel Re! Signature Abalone Seafood Laksa follow next. The laksa base is rich with a nice balance of the spices, spiciness and lemak (coconut milk). Other than abalone, you also get scallop and prawns with the regular laksa ingredients such as fish cakes, tau pok (fried bean curd), boiled egg and rice noodle. Well executed with the abalone and scallop bringing the luxury feels. It is comparable to any “Five Stars priced Laksa”.   Waffle with vanilla ice cream. The heart shape waffle is light and thin with generous serving of maple syrup and ice cream. The portion of this dessert is ideal for a sweet way to end the meal.   What about the rest of the item in the menu. I personally feel it need some refining to reach the necessary standards. 

Assorted Satay “Esplanade” - skewers of chicken, mutton and beef served with peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is rich and tasty, but the satays are dry, tough and lack of marinate. The mutton and beef has a strong gamy taste that can put you off. For a country, like Singapore, with reputation that serves good satay, it might actually deters tourists on how a nice satay should taste.   Munchy Combi & Chicken Wings, deep fried calamari, chicken wing, breaded prawn and potato wedges, served with coleslaw. More like a bar food with a nice presentation, served pipping hot but taste ordinary. The chicken wings are juicy, but small in size. The calamari batter was very thick. Overall tasted quite average.   Mango Sago Cream with Aloe Vera is a little bland. Lack of defining taste of the mango in the cream.   Overall, the food presentation was great. When a restaurant has more than 80 items on the menu, there will be some hits and misses. The most notable is that all the items we ordered are from the Chef's Special, you would expect better taste and quality food to give satisfy the customers taste-buds. Cheers!!
03 May 2013 • 191 reviews • 38 followers

Refill your tum tum

Re!fill is the dining establishment of Re! boutique hotel located at Chin Swee Road. Everything this hotel wish to impress upon you is that it is into retro, think Austin Powers and his Shag-uar. The restauarant is brightly lit with its white facade and can seat about 30 pax thereabout. The menu is pretty extensive stretching from local delights such as abalone laksa to italian pasta like the lobster aglio olio.

In the food tasting session, we were treated with several of the the chef's specialty and some others which we wanted to try. The portions of the food were ideal, not too little. My main, the lobster aglio olio, was a simple good tasting plate of pasta cooked al dente. The chef added sprigs of basil that gave a flavorful and aromatic touch. The halved lobster was cooked rightly in butter and lots of minced garlic. This is a well executed dish. The clam chowder soup was not that good thought. While it was flavorful, the clams tasted too tough, probably the indication of the use of frozen clams. The pan seared duck salad was in my opinion a very refreshing appetiser, with the use of fresh greens and a tangy japanese sesame dressing. It sure perked me up for the meal. Another appetizer was the deep fried chicken. The wings were small and were served crispy, juicy and hot. Something which I did not particularly liked was the satay. The sticks of meat (lamb and chicken) were scrawny and did not meet the standard of the usual hawker fare. The texture was tough and lacked the juicness found in usual satay. If satay is one of our national dishes, the chef needs to do better than this.

Re!fill could be a Re!freshing dining option tucked away in the hill. Currently the hotel is offering a yearly membership at $10 only, with perks such as 15% off room rates, complimentary room upgrade to next higher grade, 1 for 1 Happy Hour promotion, 15% off regular priced items from the in house restaurant and more to celebrate its 5th year anniversary.
02 May 2013 • 98 reviews • 36 followers

Some hits and some misses.

Re! is a boutique hotel with a retro theme. People may be put off by the garish pink colour, but this is what makes it stand out from the competitive hotel industry. Whether it works for you or not, I’ll leave it to you to make your own judgement. The biggest take home message I got was the promotional $10 membership for 1 year with Re! Hotel, which entitles you to 15% off room rates, complimentary room upgrade to next category, 1 for 1 Happy Hour promotion, 15% off regular priced items from the in house restaurant and much more. This was to celebrate Re! Hotel 5th year anniversary. Details can be found on their website.

The first time I was here some 2 years ago was because of the competitive lunch promotions on weekdays. Since then, Re!Fill tried to improve itself by broadening its range of items on the menu while still keeping its more popular local cuisine. Overall, food portion was good, food arrangement attractive, service was attentive. Certain dishes were above average while others were only average.

Food items I enjoyed during this sponsored food tasting include:
Pan seared duck breast salad ($13.80): Good portion of fresh green salad with sesame dressing that goes very well with the greens and seared duck. Opens up the appetite nicely. This was also 1 of the chef recommendations.

Oven baked cod fillet with mushroom sauce ($26.80): cod was done just right to preserve the sweetness and juice of the fish. Served with stir fried vegetables and mashed potato.

Average dishes:
Munchy combi ($15.80), chicken wings 6 pieces ($13.80): batter was really just average. There are many better alternatives in popular pub restaurants. Nevertheless, at least it was still crispy and served piping hot.

Mushroom soup in puff ($9.80): Portion was good, but quality wise does not stand out from the average soup. To its credit, its tasty and served piping hot.

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream: vanilla ice cream actually tastes better than the chocolate brownie, which usually shouldn’t be the case cos the main star of the dish should be the brownie. Brownie was light with mild chocolate taste. Not quite my type, but for those who are watching their calorie/sugar intake, this could be something to consider.

Satay, 6 pieces: I think satay at East Coast Park Hawker Centre is better anytime. While the satay sauce was the saving grace by being rich with nuts, the skewered meat somehow missed its mark. While its still tasty, but felt disappointing to know that I could get better satay in the hawker centre.
  • Pan seared duck breast salad.