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Review for Relish (Cluny Court)


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Address: #02-01, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, 259760
08 Mar 2011 • 17 Reviews • 0 Follower

Great Place, Great Service

I visited Relish early this afternoon and left a happy diner. The service staff were attentive, polite and professional.

My companion and I shared the following dishes:

1. Onion rings in milk batter with curry mayo ($9.0) Waaaay better than your typical processed supermarket frozen onion rings. Actual pieces of onion coated with a light, crispy batter. It wasn't too oily and the curry mayo that came with it was fantastic. Nine bucks may seem expensive but it was quite a big portion

2. Blue cheese with walnut-peanut butter and poached pear This was excellent. The beef was done perfectly (I like it how they'll automatically do it medium-rare if you don't specify) and the chef was generous with the blue cheese.Every ingredient in this burger complements the others

3. Wild Rocket Burger Not bad, but not absolutely fantastic either. We only had this because my companion needed a nut-and-seafood free option.

4. The salads that came as sides with our burgers were quite generous in portion. Instead of using cheap cabbage or lettuce, Relish used quite a good mix of the better tasting salad vegetables - those that would cost you $5.95 a bag at Cold Storage, and we got about half a bag each.

In general, I think Relish is pretty value for money. I don't understand why people complain about small portions - they serve quality beef that fills you up, and even with the 150g option and choosing salads over fries I was pretty full because of all that high quality protein.For guys who simply stuff food into their mouths and don't really try to savour their meals, you'll honestly be better off at macs with an upsized meal. I also don't get gripes that charging 18 bucks for a burger is too much. It's a gourmet meal, so if they took away the burger buns, would that make people happier since it would look less macs/ bk-ish?
Must Tries
Blue Cheese and William Pear Beef Burger
Recommended for
Brunch, Lunch, Girls Night Out, After Work, Private Dining, Chillout, Hidden Find
Average Spend
$47 for 2 pax
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