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Address: The Rail Mall, 392 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 678046
26 Jun 2014 • 314 Reviews • 1 Follower

Below Par (for the Price) 4pax Dinner @ Restaurant Home on 25.6.2014

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was truly disappointed with the S$59.80+ ala carte buffet at restaurant home on 25.6.2014. 
probably had to do with wrong expectations, as the award winning chef tan yong hua has so many accolades, not least the first singaporean chef to win against iron Chef Thailand. also the price of S$59.80+pax would be quite ok if the dishes were good & not just mediocre.
#1 the mini buddha-jump-over-the-wall(bjotw) had a light decent soup base (not intense & maybe that was intended), a good flower mushroom, a quite small abalone which was ok & lots of chicken plus a cheap fish maw (not 花胶). i supposed average ingredients were quite ok if the soup was really tasty. it was not a bad soup. 1 of us commented any lie tong (例汤) soup of the day by tunglok or imperial treasure would beat this, so there was nothing much to say.
#2 the bite/texture & flavour of the 8-head abalone & also the flower mushroom were quite good. the spinach was just average, and perhaps it was more the method of preparation, but any brown sauce braised chinese abalones (ah yat, tunglok, xin restaurant etc) would be a better overall taste experience than this (not a better abalone). i guess this dish would be above average to good whereas the mini bjotw was just average.
#3 the salmon & maguro (tuna) sashimi were ok, the lobster was buried in mayo. a wasabi or salted egg prawn would be better. the dish was ok but nondescript.
#4 the prawns were big & fresh & quite tasty. i guess it was about as good as a herbal prawn could be. it was not a dish i was much fancied though, unlike the wow factor with the golden prawns at mikuni.
#5 the deep-fried red garoupa was competent, good even. but as 1 diner commented, it was no better than ah yat's deep-fried soon hock though the garoupa tasted better than soon hock. i also thought it was not much better than peach garden miramar, not counting ban heng’s deep-fried soon hock which was very average.
#6 the roast duck was to me about the best dish for the evening (& it was not among the chef selected dishes above limited to 1 serving). skin was crispy, meat was tender, moist not overcooked & very flavourful.

#7 the crabmeat broccoli was another better dish, look good, tasted great, more like the standards of tunglok or imperial treasure.
#8 the sichuan spicy fish fillet (i forgot to take a photo) was ok edible not good but as 水煮鱼 it was a disaster! even the NUS canteen foodgle hub S$6 水煮鱼 was better than this.

it was a manifestly wrong decision to take restaurant home's ala carte buffet. it was not any near as good as peach garden miramar’s (S$30.80++pax 3 paying 1 free) which was 1/2 the price. this 4pax dinner cost S$264nett. my recent fabulous 4pax dinner at mikuni which cost only S$195nett. there was totally no comparison at all regards the food! 
Average Spend
$66 for 1 pax
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