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#01-01, 7 Purvis Street, 188586
Asian, Chinese
+65 63339901

Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm and 6.00pm - 10.30pm

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Located at Purvis Street, Restaurant Ten serves fine Chinese cuisine, with each item on the menu offering a nourishing experience for the body.

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Scores on all counts.

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Review: 1

I came here last week for lunch with a couple of friends. The boss told us this was a restaurant was one aimed towards healthy eating in traditional chinese food, and this was immediately apparent.


The egg white with dried scallop served with potato nest is a must try here. The egg whites are well-poached, lightly salted and very fluffy.


Up next were the soups, the double-boiled deck with pear soup and double-boiled apple with dried scallop soup(it also has spare ribs in it). The apple soup tasted quite mild and sweet. I liked it since I've never had fruits in soup before. The pear soup tasted slightly stronger and meatier because of the duck. Usually duck in soup tends to be tough but this one was really tender as well.


The entrees are all really good! My favourite was the Abalone and Shark's Fin Fragrant Rice in Stone Pot. The Pot gives the dish a very traditional feel to begin with. The rice goes really well with the shark's fin soup, absorbing the soup and tasting thick and good. The shark's fin is also very smooth but doesn't break apart the moment I touched it, which is good.


The Smoked Duck with crispy seaweed bean curd is a treat, and my favourite of the lot. It's served with a home made bun, which is freshly steamed for you and soft and fragrant.The seaweed bean curd is crispy and slightly salty, a good complement to the bun. But the smoked duck is what takes the dish away for me. The duck is savoury and succulent, cut just nice not to be overwhelming or lost inside the bun. They also give you a sauce for the duck that is nice and sweet.


Finally, the Steamed Cod Fish with Celery and Parsley, Smoked Duck and Vegetables is part of their lunch express menu, and it does not disappoint. The Cod is steamed to tenderness and tastes fresh, the Smoked Duck once again is great and the vegetables are nice and mild.


The service here is great. The waiters are polite, the ambience is classy without appearing pompous and the boss will go around talking to people. Quite a nice experience, honestly. All the food is not too oily and cooked with all organic ingredients, making it a helathy meal. They also have a wide variety of authentic teas, so tea lovers will enjoy their experience here.


Overall, I would recommend this place for people who wish to bring the friends/family/clients to a place that isn't too expensive but is healthy and has good service.


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Dinner @ Restaurant Ten

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Review: 1

I was looking for somewhere to bring my parents for my mum's birthday when I came across Restaurant Ten. Hear that Restaurant Ten is opened by the same people responsible for the now defunct Metropole Herbal restaurant, so I thought why not. My parents will appreciate some healthy eating compared to some fanciful restaurant. We booked the table for 6:30 but arrived early at 6pm. So we were the only ones around at that time, the shop is a two storey shophouse with simple but soft decorations. The 10pax tables are quite special, they are oval instead of the regular circle one. We were served with a welcome drink, very refreshing drink I would say. We had many recommendations from the very friendly lady (I reckon she's the boss). We did not take the set, instead we ordered some of their chef specialties to share & try. Egg White in Potato Basket was one of the dishes and it's a "must try" as recommended. Maybe, I had my expectations set too high but the dish did not "wow" me, the Basket was nice & crunchy but the egg white was too blend. However, the "mouth taste" or "texture" was good. We had a sweet scallop dish, it's very special something new but for this dish the flavor was too strong for us ... it was very very sweet, which is quite a pity because the dish is quite nice, it would be great if it was not too sweet. We had Abalone and Shark’s Fins Fragrant Rice in Stone Pot which is good. We had a couple of more dishes including a herb stuffed spring chicken which we thought was the best among all the dishes.
By the time we were into our 5th dish, there were other people coming into the shop and lower storey was full by the time we were finishing up, we are not sure about the 2nd floor. The bill for the six of us came up to about S$280 without dessert. It's a place that I do not mind revisiting. Oh, and they serve many different types of tea that are worth trying and they put Bamboo Charcoal into the water that they boil for your tea. The bamboo charcoal is suppose to remove all impurities from the water.

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Pricy but Original

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 375

Please visit Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow for photos and a full review.

After visiting the resturant's website, I didn't expect the place to be so classy! It's white but not glaringly white, which is something I like. Very quiet on a Friday night. There are three floors, on the first is for big families; on the second is for smaller families and on the third floor is a private room to accommodate 12 people. although the restaurant is catered to families, sitting beside us were a punk and his girlfriend. He has mohawk hair and piercing and everything. See, never judge people by their appearances. I bet deep down they love the Chinese culture, and are very conservative.

Besides the quiet and nice decor, another attraction of the place is that it uses less oil and salt. On HGW, a reviewer said there is no MSG but I've scoured the restaurant's website and found no such truth. So i'll assume there is MSG. (Read this entry on soup on the science of MSG.) The restaurant focuses on healthy eating. They are called Restaurant Ten because they use ten ingredients very often. But honestly, I think it's nonsense. These are normal ingredients found in other Chinese dishes. I just want to know if it's ho chiak!

There are several sets ranging from $38 to $88. The birthday boy picked the $68 set:

Appetizer: House Special Triple Platter. From the left to right: avocado salad with fish floss; japanese yam with wolfberry and honey; fish skin with dang guipowder. I thought the presentation would look better with the honey was poured into the yam, instead of having them separate. It brightens the white yam. The white yam itself was crispy but tasteless so you definitely have to pour the honey over. Only the fish skin stood out. Not as oily as salmon skin, I could imagine eating this fish skin (not oily at all!) as a snack while watching TV.

Second dish: egg white with bird's nest, dried shredded scallop in potato nest. The Chinese name is much more poetic. The way to eat this--and I saw some patrons eating wrongly--is to mix everything together throughly including the deep-fried potato. Taste it first, and if you find it bland, add white pepper and apple vinegar (on the table). This is very unique to me; I've never eaten something like this. Cooking this dish takes lots of skill because egg white is usually bland, so to come up with such a unique taste--with different textures of egg jelly and crispy potato--is quite a test of the chef's skills. A very pleasing dish.

Third course, lotus and apple wrapped in cabbage. (includes pumpkin seed, sesame, ginseng, wolfberry and pine nut.) Again, the best way to eat this is to wrap it up in the cabbage and eat it. We were all surprised by this dish because it looked so ordinary yet when we ate it, it tasted like the chinese stir-fried chye chai (mixed vegetables). If you notice all the ingredients, they are all crunchy, so I wonder if the texture could have been layered. But no complaints here. It tasted very "Chinese."

Buddha jumps over the wall. It was a very, very huge bowl of soup, the bowl the shape of an ingot, full of wholesome cartilage infused in the soup itself. A modicum of rice wine was provided, which made the soup more fragrant. It has Shitake mushroom, chicken, dried scallop, sharks fin, abalone, shark's lips, sea cucumber, etc. But the Birthday Boy said the chicken had a frozen taste to it and Sister said the sea cucumber was too tiny. Sea cucumbers aren't that expensive.

Penultimate dish: Smoked duck with deep-fried beancurd-seaweed with buns. I wish this is more like peking duck. Birthday Boy said you could buy smoked duck from NTUC and taste exactly the same as this. I'd like to think this tasted better. The bun looks suspiciously like the one at Old Hong Kong Legend. I don't think they make their own buns? Quite a pity.

Dessert: (L to R): Snow Pear juice; three sweet potato; Coconut jelly. All were light and refreshing. I especially like the snow pear juice because it was sweet. But nothing outstanding.

The service was good, and the waiters had a good knowledge of the food they served and they remember our names. But they kept serving the food. The food kept coming. A classy restaurant should wait till all of us have finished, but the waiters, on seeing two of us finishing, had already cleared the plates, and served the next dish, pressurizing the third to eat quickly.

I also find it strange that the restaurant was playing music from a local Chinese station instead of proper music from CDs.

One last thing I want to note is that there is no rice or noodle dish in this 6-course meal. Very strange because there usually is. I note this because the portions are very small and I was still hungry after the meal. I thought the soup could be a smaller bowl (but retaining the original ingredients) and include a fried rice or noodle dish.

Overall, I like this restaurant, quiet, good service, and good food. I don't quite like the price tag. it's about $85 a person after the GST, and with that amount, you can go to an equally good place for more food. But after eating, you won't feel bloated, unlike in normal Chinese dinners.

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4 lip-smacking fingers and 1 sore thumb

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Reviews: 8

Trying to find a middle-priced restaurant serving tasty and reasonably healthy food (reduced salt, not much oil and no MSG) while providing pleasant ambiance can be tough, if the dining companion has a few medical conditions one has to keep in mind.

The Heart Bistro is one such place. And now, I can add another to the list.

However, it was not all roses. But I'll start with the good signs.

Lady boss server remembering regulars and comfortably chatting with them? Check.

Servers solicitously introducing and explaining the various courses, and asking if we would like them to do the dividing? Check.

Gracious service with a smile, down to the bill presentation? Check.

The painted artworks of herbs and food hanging on the walls made us smile. And now to the food...

Herbal flavours were not overly strong, which is a plus.

The tasty appetiser had us guessing as to what it was. Peach slices marinated in- No, maybe it was some kind of fruit marinated in passionfruit syrup or peach juice- The eventual answer was pumpkin in juice. That vanished fairly quickly.

We both had hawthorn juice (one cold, one hot).

The 6-course Mini Buddha Jumps Over The Wall set is value-for-money.

House Special three-combination starter: The crispy beancurd tidbit batter on lettuce and cabbage was an interesting contrast of texture and taste, crunchy and subtly refreshing without being soggy or bland. The raw japanese yam, we dipped in honey flavoured with wolfberries and could not come to a decision about it, but decided it was definitely much tastier than carrot sticks in peanut butter. And given how skeptical and stubborn I normally am about raw veg and dips, I like this.

Egg White with Morel Mushroom and Dried Scallops in Crispy Potato Nest:

Smooth, delicious and slowly savoured to the last crunch. A good reminder as to how tasty the simplest things can be, when done well. The potato nest was decent but not memorable except as a contrasting companion. If it had a little more tang or zing, this would be a terrific dish. As it was, already fairly good.

Apple and Lotus with Fresh Cabbage: Lovely surprise, because it was lightly sweet and savoury and once again, a thumbs-up to simplicity without being over-oiled. The sunflower seeds added extra crunch and depth to the chewy lightness. We had fun eating it up in 2 wraps.

Double-boiled Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall: The soup stock was hearty and succulent without being cloying. The small accompanying saucer of hua tiao jiu was negligible, because it was not needed for the goodness! Sea cucumber, fish maw, shark fin, baby abalone, chicken morsels, mushroom, dried scallop, etc. The size of the bowl and the quality of contents were another pleasant surprise, and slurped down to the last drop. The fish maw could have been a bit less rubbery, though.

Smoke Duck with Crispy Seaweed Beancurd (serve with buns): The server divided it for us. A yummy chinese sandwich of 2 buns each, in which we nearly mistook the seaweed for black sesame. It would be interesting to see if the dish would be enhanced with black sesame in the beancurd.

At this point, my companion started coughing and said that if he took too much oil, his throat would get dry. But that was my bad, because I should have omitted all fried foods in our lunch outing.

Three Combination Desserts: Right to left? The coconut and egg white mousse pudding with a layer of jelly studded with strawberries was alright. The japanese sweet potatoes were gobbled in a blink. And the pulpy pear puree was a great end to the meal; dense, mildly sweet and cleansing.

Minor eyebrow-raisers included the slightly rushed serving of the first 5 courses when the restaurant was not yet full, followed by a significant lull of 30 minutes between the last main course and dessert when the restaurant was full (and which we attributed to desserts made on the spot). Even then...

My first trip to the bathroom was down a long corridor facing the kitchen (just after we had placed orders) and was a slightly shocking eye-opener, with stacks of dirty dishes in large grey trays lined up in a row against the wall. It did not help that on top of one of those trays, I noticed a large, shallow metal almost-full bowl in which a lot of fried pieces of something were apparent. This made me ???? later, especially when the lady boss server was telling 2 men at the next table to da pao whatever they couldn't finish, so that it wouldn't be a waste.

At the end of the corridor, the unisex bathroom was a clean and spare refuge that was obviously well-thought out for men and women.

On a second trip there while my companion was finishing dessert, most of the large trays had vanished, except 2. I then noticed one solitary grey tray by itself placed approx. 2 metres from those, which appeared to have spotless soup bowls and plates in it. Perhaps the kitchen is not big enough?

That was a major sore thumb for such a well-thought out restaurant, and one that brought the setting down.

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