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 • 02 Jul 2014 118 reviews 5 followers
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Most diners are sharing tables, so that Kin Kin can accommodate more diners at a time. It seems rather busy, in addition that it's a weekend dinner. But service is rather prompt and so is the food served.
Heard that the menu used to have more items than now, perhaps to make their service more effective and easier for chefs to prepare and narrow down the waiting time.
I was strongly recommended to try their Homemade Fishball Soup ($4.00). Quantity of 5 big and soft fishballs, which seems to be indeed homemade, but lacking of firmness and springy texture.
Signature Dry Chilli Pan Mee ($5.00) - Dry. Comes with a bunch of anchovies, 3 meatballs and a soft-boiled egg.
If you find it too plain, you may opt for Sea Asparagus Pan Mee ($8.00) - Dry. Everything is the same, but with addition of sea asparagus for another $3.00.
This is how it should roughly look like after mixing up. I love the thickness and the "gluey" feeling of the noodles, but not having the springy feeling is still a flaw to me.
Overall, it is ok to dine here once, but definitely not worth to queue and wait long hours for it. I would rather head to the nearest coffeshop and order a bowl of fishball noodle. To me, lack of springy texture in the fishball and the noodle are big mistakes.
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