89 Killiney Road, 239534
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Located at Killiney Road, Rice Roll & Porridge serves Asian cuisine.

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CCF for Dinner

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tried the 2 types ccf, took a while for the order preparation even though the shop is empty. total cost is $10.40 (additional 20cents per order for takeaway). the durian ccf is packed dry with a separate holder for crushed peanut. durian quality is not fantastic but was an interesting eat. the char siew version came with a packed of soy suace and sambal chilli, love the fact they are generous with the sesame seeds. overall a decent dish but not enough for me to keep visiting them though. may try the porridge next time instead.

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No wonder it was quiet on a PH weekend...

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Sad. Prices inflated significantly.Congee - thick, quite smooth. That's alright. However, putting lettuce in porridge is the biggest culinary error. Lettuce have a distinct taste. Putting in the porridge changes the overall taste... cannot lah.. peanut overbaked. Had burnt taste and some of it was "smelly oil" taste. Very thirsty after consuming the porridge, suspect there is MSG. Overall verdict, sorry won't come again. But to be fair, the kopi was alright.

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Nice Fried Rice

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
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Was stuck in office and didn’t have time to head out for lunch. My colleague helped to get a pack of fried rice for me.


The fried Rice had cut char siew, carrots, egg and topped with spring onions.


Its nicely done, with the rice having a nice texture and are individually grained and not clumped together.


The other signatures here are their rice rolls, which are made to order.



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