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Riverside Indonesian BBQ (Plaza Singapura)

Riverside Indonesian BBQ offers a wide range of Indonesian BBQ cuisine.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 68831440
$7 based on 11 submissions
Lunch (3 votes)
Anna Lee Li Lian

best grill ayam set!

Till now, i have not came across any grill ayam set that is better then this! Meat is tender, love the sauce and everything else . Its definately worth the money.

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  • Chicken set4 votes
  • Squid set2 votes
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03 Oct 2013 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

best grill ayam set!

Till now, i have not came across any grill ayam set that is better then this! Meat is tender, love the sauce and everything else . Its definately worth the money.
03 Apr 2012 • 167 reviews • 13 followers

Delicious and generously portioned indonesian bbq food

Full Review Here

It’s not very often that a particular place often draws me back time and time again, especially four times in the course of a month. I for one am particularly fond of barbecue food, be it chicken, fish, squid or beef, where the usual charred and smoky robust flavor of barbecued food never fails to awaken one’s palate and ensue maximum satisfaction of the same time. That said of course, the food must also be cooked properly, where any overcooking or under-cooking the produce would definitely mar and underwhelm the overall experience. Words aside, this particular stall located at the food court on level 6 of Plaza Singapura has been my weekly staple c** craving for the past month or so. Riverside Indonesian BBQ isn’t any run of the mill food courts stalls you find almost anywhere. In fact the sprawling queues during meal times are sufficient to leave inquisitive beings like me thinking if the food really worth the queue. MR actually gave a positive recommendation about the Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken), where he had nothing but praises for their signature dish.

Ayam Panggang ($5.50)

The gigantic chicken leg is directly grilled upon order, then dipped in a specialty black sauce before serving. The result? The meat of the entire chicken leg is moist and tender throughout, along with the wonderfully charred flavor and sweet black sauce that can get quite overpowering at times. A generous portion of rice, along with a slice of omelette comes with the chicken which are pretty decent, although I’m not particularly fond of the curry gravy poured onto the rice as the coconut flavor of the curry essentially overwhelms the savoriness and sweetness of the Ayam Panggang.

If your feeling adventurous or want more variety, the Ayam & Ikan Panggang ($8)would be a more luscious alternative, where an extra $2.50 would get you a sizeable portion of squid sliced into pieces which is rather good as well. All in all a great place to satisfy my craving for Indonesian BBQ food on a frequent basis, as the huge portions justify its great value, while an order of their sambal fish which looks really good as well beckons on the next visit =)

Chicken leg set
05 Mar 2012 • 721 reviews • 85 followers

Delicious Indon BBQed food n show

We were heading for a movie at Plaza and found this interesting stall in Kopitiam - they even accept Kopitiam card for a 10% discount !

Ambience: It'a a packed food court at lunch, managed to "chop" a table with my tissue packet before ordering food - got it this time. Comfortable, airconditioned and not that noisy.

Food: We ordered a chicken set and a squid and fish set. The chicken set came with rice and chilli, but no vegetables. Veg costs 80cts more. Strange - must as HPB to intervene with their eat more veg drive ! Rice was covered in a coconut - spice saude, rice yellow colour. The chicken was tasty, probably fresh and BBQed to a crisp with their ABC sauce coating it. The squid in the other set was also delicious, crunchy and fresh but the fish pieace was a let down. Prepared using a medium grade Dory from Vientnam, it wasn't tasty. Same sauce as the chicken - probably have a 200liter tank of it at the back.

Value: Great valiue at about $6 each, 2 protein - pay $8.

Service: DIY, not so long queue.

29 Jan 2012 • 152 reviews • 1 follower

Salty chicken or salty egg

Please drop by for pictures!

I have a love-hate relationship with the Ayam Panggang ($5.50, takeaway) at Riverside Indonesian BBQ. Love it, because of the sweet black sauce. Hate it because of the inconsistencies. In the years I have eaten here, there are two things that keep changing- price and consistency of the food. The price seems to be hiking all the time. That's secondary, as long as the food remains good.

But the food quality here seems to be fluctuating all the time as well. I have eaten the Ayam Panggang close to 10 times and from my memories, the standards from the last two times and today's are different. While the egg the last two times was too salty and the chicken was fine, the chicken was salty today and the egg was fine.

Anyway, the chicken (disregarding the saltiness) is super yummy! The chicken is large (compared to those scrawny chickens you get in other places), with tender meat, but a little too charred for my liking (but don't take that as a bad point, because it's meant to be grilled). And I like the black sauce the most, goes great with both the chicken and the rice. The chilli with ikan billis is pretty good because of the sweetness, although it's not spicy at all.
ikan panggang
28 Mar 2011 • 408 reviews • 13 followers

From awesome to good

I've been patronizing this stall for as long as I can remember, also the other one located at Jurong Point.

Recently we had an early dinner at the latter to find the chili sauce an utter disappointment. Gone was the fiery oomph and without the savoriness that it used to have, the chili sauce tasted completely flat.

We ordered ayam panggang ($4.80) and ikan panggang ($4.80). Both meats were grilled to perfection and retained all the juicy goodness while the black bbq sauce provided a sweet finish. The omelette and curry gravy were nondescript but at least they were consistently so.

The food was still enjoyable but without the mind-blowing chili sauce, it's downgraded from being awesome to only good.