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Riverwalk Tandoor (The Riverwalk)


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This pleasant Indian restaurant serves buffet menus at lunch and dinner, with a spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian north Indian dishes at both mealtimes. The Riverwalk location offers a view of the Singapore River, while at Golden Landmark the restaurant is located at the poolside.

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 14:30

Mon - Fri: 18:30 - 22:30

Sat - Sun: 11:30 - 14:30

Sat - Sun: 18:30 - 23:00

+65 65360875
$25 based on 19 submissions
Dinner (9 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (7 votes), Buffet (6 votes)
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Robert Smith

Indian Food

Eat there last Monday with 2 friends the place was quite busy, the ambiance good.

We selected items from the a la carte menu, all the food was very delicious of special note was the Naan especially the Keema Naan, plan to return again this weekend

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Mutton Julien1 vote
  • Naan1 vote
  • Take no prisoners. Just go for the NAAN!!1 vote
  • Tandoori Chicken1 vote
  • briyani1 vote
  • butter chicken1 vote
  • kasmiri naan1 vote
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06 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 2 followers

Poor service & worst customer service.

I have been to this place a few times but recently the standards have dropped and quality of food has gone down. I visited the Clarke quay outlet last month with family.
In short the worst part of the trip to this restaurant is the attitude of the Filipino Manager John ( hope i get his name right ) He is such a arrogant fellow and and has a horrible attitude towards his customers.I could notice his arrogance towards other 2 customers who had some billing queries the way he answers or responds to them seems like he doing some favor to his customers.
Will definitely not visit river-walk Tandoor in the future.
Just a piece of advice to the so called Manager. There are better restaurants with better service and ambiance in Sg. God bless your attitude and arrogance
14 Jul 2013 • 1 review • 2 followers

Bad food!

I am from North India and this restaurant supposedly sells North Indian cuisine. And I have only one suggestion- DO NOT waste your time and money on this restaurant for one simple reason- the food does not taste good. Their food is at best at the level of a hawker centre stall. You can have much better Indian cuisine at one of the restaurants on Race Course road, for much less.
22 Apr 2012 • 10 reviews • 17 followers

Indian Escape

I stumbled upon this Indian place when i saw it on

Seeing the reasonable price and deciding to explore my Indian tastebuds, i decided to give it a go with my girlfriend for a Saturday night dinner.

The restaurant was decent and authentically North Indian, i must say.

The cuisine was probably the best Indian food i have eaten (i am Chinese)

Naan (Plain, butter or garlic) : Nice fluffy and frangrant! Eat when just served!

Tandoor Chicken
 : you can really taste the flavour of the authentic tandoori style although the chicken is a little dry but it would work with some mint sauce provided.

Butter Chicken : The dish i liked most with its flavourful gravy and tenderly cooked chicken.

Saffron Rice : The rice tastes so aromatic and it has a nice grainy(not sticky) texture to it.

Papaddum : Who doesn't like these indian crackers especially when they are freshly fried?

Gula Jambun (spelling?) : These fried milky dough balls swimming in the sweet syrup is so satisfying as you eat it in one mouth, you can feel the cakey texture combined with the bursting syrup. Warning : The syrup is really really sweet.

Masala Tea : First time trying masala tea and i must say it has a very unique scent and also helps to relieve the oiliness of the meal.

Overall, i feel that the meal completed my Indian food adventure and i won't be eating Indian food for quite a while. I am sure the place is authentic with the abundance of Indian customers dining there.

Also the service staff are very adequate in clearing plates as well as attending to your needs.

However, i must say having an Indian buffet is not recommended because there is a little variety to be expected from a buffet. The indian food is still very commendable though! (from a Chinese)