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340 Joo Chiat Road, 427592
Asian, Thai
+65 64403270

Mon to Thurs: 11:30 - 14:30
Mon to Thurs: 17:45 - 21:45
Fri to Sat: 11:30 - 14:30

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Rochor Thai serves delicious Thai cuisine that suits every appetite. It brings to you the perfect concoction of classic traditional flavours cleverly infused with modern Thai elements and surely that dishes here are also MSG-free.

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RochorThai: MSG Free & Authentic Thai Bistro At Joo Chiat

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 258

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  Taking pride in their food preparation, dishes at Rochor Thai are 100% abstained from MSG. Talk about having a healthier choice, perhaps this is the place for you!

Here are my orders:

Green Curry - With its bold and well-balanced flavour, it is comparable to what's offered at Nakhon Kitchen. At the same time, its spiciness wasn't that strong of a punch, so double thumbs up!

Pork Collar - Nicely grilled and mildly charred, tender and mouth-watering! It's a pity that the picture turned out other wise due to inappropriate lighting.

Salted Egg Squid - Pure DISAPPOINTMENT. Far cry from any salted egg dishes that I've ever tried, however, the waiter claimed that this is their rendition of it.

Phad Thai - Swee la! Love the 'chewy' texture of the rice noodle and the mildly sweetened flavour. A little too pricey though.

Till date, Nakhon Kitchen is still my favourite Thai eatery in the aspects of taste and price. Nevertheless, Rochor Thai is another fine Thai eatery to venture if you've got a generous budget.


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Mediocre Food, Bad Service

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Reviews: 5

I had such an awful experience dining at Rochor Thai I had to write this review straight after dining at this establishment. I've passed by Rochor Thai before on several occasions while walking along joo Chiat and when I saw a groupon decided to give it a shot after seeing decent reviews of the restaurant on hungrygowhere. After we sat down, we found out from the waiter that they had run out of ingredients and a number of dishes were no longer available. They had no papaya salad, no prawns, no pork collar, no mango sticky, no fish cakes, no pandan chicken and several other dishes which I can't recall. Several of these items were their signature dishes. Practically a third of their menu was unavailable on a Sunday afternoon. That immediately put me in a bad mood. Upon adjusting our order, the manager of the restaurant told us the way groupon worked in this restaurant. The voucher covers all food and drink but not service charge. Er.. Ok. Fine. I thought. Even though its not stated in the fine print of the voucher, ten percent wasn't a big deal. But it added to the list of things that annoyed me thoroughly. After ordering, the waiter shouted into the kitchen that our table wAs using a Groupon. It made me do a doubLe take. Why did they have to inform the chef that a groupon was being used? Is it cause the food is prepared differently for groupon customers? I asked the manager over and enquired about it. And He told me that no, its for the chef to take note of how many groupons were used so far. Hmm ok. Fair enough I thought. And I gave him the benefit of the doubt. As the food came Out of the kitchen, the waiter plonked dishes down on the table and had a look on his face that said he hated his job. I worked as a part time waiter while schooling before and I understand how sian being a waiter can be handling difficult customers and taking orders from the chef, manager, supervisors, full time waiters and customers. But if u really hate ur job and can't deliver good service, go find something else you can do. It's bad for you, bad for the restaurant and certainly bad for the customer. Moving on to the food, The mango salad was plain and very ordinary. A tad too spicy but that's a matter of preference. The taste was just alright. The pad Thai portion was fine. I half expected it to be tiny because of my suspicions that they discriminate against groupon customers but the portion was decent. Two prawns two pieces of squid and a typical single portion of noodles u get anywhere else. However the taste was so so once again. U don't get the explosion of tastes you usually get from eating a good balanced pad Thai. The noodles were undercooked. And I don't think pad Thai is done al dente right? Maybe some ppl like it that way. But nah.. The green curry chicken was alright as well and portion was enough for 2. But the chicken was tough and reminded me of frozen chicken. The floor manager was professional though. But I won't recommend this place.

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The management of Rochor Thai responded to this review:
09 Jun 2015
Dear jaxchan, we ran out of many items because it was out last day of operations. Of the items you mentioned, the pork collar and prawns were available in the evening. As mentioned, it was our last day of operations, and the crowd turnout on a Saturday was way beyond what we expected. We ran out of items then. For the waiter in mention, it was his last few days at work, and he had no interest. I sincerely apologise for his actions. It is the last day of work for him, and he was being unprofessional. Pad Thai, authentically, is slightly al dente and chewy. Most places, including street food stalls in Thailand do them overly done because of pre-cooking, or over soaking of the noodles. I pride my food on the authenticity. Drop me a text directly at 98208739. I will invite you personally when we re-launch with a tasting menu just for you. You will not be disappointed again. Joel Chef Owner

excellent service, great savoury thai food

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

I was invited to dine at Rochor Thai Restaurant and here's my honest review after trying out their dishes.
I ordered quite a number of their recommend dishes like the cashew chicken,  pad pong prawns,  pork collar, pineapple rice and thai red ruby dessert. 
The prawns are big, succulent and fresh. Not too spicy nor too overpowering too, just the way I like it and this dish really goes well with rice!
The cashew chicken was another recommended dish, but I find the chicken too dry. Well, Perhaps it's just me... because my partner loved this dish.
The pork collar is another must try if you're new to Rochor Thai.  It taste like char siew but not the sweet type. It has a small bowl of sweet n spicy sauce served along with it....its very appetising and a good combination of flavours!
Overall,  I had a great time dining at this cozy restaurant and if you like Thai food, do check them out!  You'll not be disappointed!  

Oh, they do have Chinese New Year reunion dinner packages too! Starting from 18 feb... do check out their website too ♡

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Great place for family dinners

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Review: 1

Recently, I had wanted a nice cosy place to host a dinner for my newly wedded nephew and he said he wouldn’t mind some Thai food after all the Indian feasting during the wedding. So I had sought out several restaurants and chanced upon Rochor Thai. Reading a few reviews I got the feeling that this would be a good option to try out. In order to ensure that the place would be suitable for the family dinner, I went to check out the restaurant a few weeks before the wedding and made reservations for the dinner.

I managed to contact Kenny the restaurant’s operations manager and checked out what would be good to have. Well, on December 30, 2014 the 10 members of the family including the newly-weds arrived at the restaurant to be greeted by Kenny. As the menu had been decided, we got the food quite quickly. He had promised me a special starter which was Thai fish cake and spring rolls and he included a new special dish yu char kway(Chinese Cruller) with a nice home-made kaya dip and served up with a special lemongrass drink. All of it went down well with the family. The red Tom Yum soup came next and this was a hit with the family. The reddish colour of the soup looked really hot & spicy but it was really good. We even got a top up of the soup and the family dipped the yu char kway in the Tom Yum and slurped up the soup.

The cashew nut chicken came next and this was good too. The grilled pork collar was exceptionally good and my family thoroughly enjoyed it. As for the spicy lime steamed seabass, it was very fresh and was well received considering some of them are not fans of steamed fish. The cabbage in fish sauce was surprisingly good and the plate was wiped clean quite fast. The drunkard prawns were great too. Then Kenny sprung a surprise on us, he served us the flambe clams their signature dish(complimentary), he had recommended it but we had not wanted it as only a couple of them ate clams. So those who liked them slurped them up in double quick time and said it was really delicious. There was one vegetarian request and she was served a special fried rice which was tasty too.

There is only little thing the family was a little disappointed about  and that was the pineapple rice which came last. It was good no doubt but we were feeling quite full towards the end of the meal and could not do justice to it.

The red ruby desert was served at the end and it was a hit too especially with the eldest member of our family the groom’s grandma who slurped up 3 bowls of the desert. On the whole our verdict -dinner was great, everyone enjoyed the food and the service was superb. For under $300 my family of 10 had a great meal and the atmosphere was real nice and cosy. I highly recommend this place if you are planning a celebratory family gathering. Kenny was a great host and made our evening memorable. Thanks Kenny & Joel(great cooking) & Rochor Thai for a great experience.

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