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Rokeby is an Australian -inspired gourmet restaurant located in the Braddell area.

Tue - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00

Closed: Mon

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Brunch (12 votes), Dinner (7 votes), Lunch (7 votes)

A great cafe place

A little quaint cafe place in the middle of the Wolskel rd estate, this cafe is perfect for a coffee with friends. We had coffee there and the price was reasonable. not too crowded too.

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  • Coffee3 votes
  • Coffee and brunch3 votes
  • Waffles3 votes
  • Carbonara2 votes
  • Prawn Risotto2 votes
  • Rokeby chilli mussles2 votes
  • Truffle Shoestring Fries2 votes
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18 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

A great cafe place

A little quaint cafe place in the middle of the Wolskel rd estate, this cafe is perfect for a coffee with friends. We had coffee there and the price was reasonable. not too crowded too.
26 Oct 2014 • 242 reviews • 46 followers

Interesting Waffles

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The Serangoon folks are probably gonna kill me with this post on their not too hidden brunch spot but there was something that i tried which was too yums not to share. Here's Rokeby, just a couple shops down from 2 other popular spots Cajun Kings and Wimbly Lu. Sharing is caring you know?

I thought that it wasn't necessary to make a reservation on a Saturday afternoon (honestly what was i thinking) and it turned out to be really crowded! Thankfully we got a table (indoors no less) in a short bit. Thank you my lucky stars!

There aren't many options for brunch actually and they could be generally classified into 3 categories, Eggs Ben, Waffles and 'Everything Else' (eggs, sausages, toast etc.). An example that falls under the 'Everything Else' category would be the Full Monty Brekkie ($17.90) and it comes with 2 eggs served with 2 bratwurst sausages, bacon, hash brown, grilled tomato, baked beans, salad and toast. And then you have every permutation of those ingredients. A must eat here is the Aussie 2-way Waffles. This is a savory and sweet waffle (actually more savory than sweet). I was under the impression that the ingredients listed were going to accompany the waffle. However, the cheese, caramelized onion and bacon are all mixed into the waffle batter and cooked together! On the side, there were the sauteed granny smith apples which was crunchy and tangy, and also a rather juicy herb sausage.

Now this is what i call a waffle stack. I was initially intimidated by the tower but it was delightfully light with crisp edges. The server suggested that i add an egg into the waffles a la plaster prata style, so some parts turned out more egg crisp than waffle. Think of it like a plaster prata. The batter is on the thin side though so the waffle purists may not take this too well (i thought the flavors were amazing though). Rokeby do serve the regular ones too but i'm not sure how thick they would be. The maple syrup could be thicker but i'll brush it off as the added apple puree made up for the lack in texture.

Nettie had the Eggs Blackstone, which is essentially an Egg Benedict with bacon in it. She wasn't too impressed with the dish. If it weren't for the extra bacon, she would certainly have given this dish a miss. The vinaigrette that dressed the salad took her attention from the hollandaise sauce, which lacked in flavor.
22 Oct 2014 • 376 reviews • 3 followers

Rokeby's rocked my boat

It was time for lunch with *Sidney again, and we discovered this neat Australian bistro cafe named Rokeby by chance.  So we succumbed to the warm hospitality and serene ambience of this laid-back cafe set in an austerely pretty area near Serangoon. The dim and polished interior made it perfect as a cafe by daya and bar by night. Everything looked good on the menu so we didn't know what to order for a while.

I started with a Soy Mocha (SGD$6.70) - the coffee was nutty, with hints of creaminess. The soy milk in this case didn't rise above the flavor of the chocolately coffee to bring out a fragrance of its own, like the soy mocha I had at some other cafes. It tasted more like a good cup of strong-flavored Mocha with a slight dash of milk - the bear art on my beverage was very adorable though.

For mains, I ordered the Braised Ox Cheek Stew (SGD$20.90), being in the mood for beef cheeks, just nice. The beef cheek was stewed to a soft tenderness, retaining its bouncy texture against the rich juicy broth it was cast in. As it quivered in my mouth, I savoured the delicacy with satisfaction, and even pouring spoonfuls of the sauce over my otherwise-bland mashed potato.

*Sidney happened to choose another item that I was debating between - the Rokeby Chilli Mussels (SGD19.90) - it was awesome that they had different levels of spiciness for us to choose from, so we chose the mild (being a weekday and we had to continue working, so couldn't risk stomach upsets). The musels were pliable in its chewyness, the natural sweetness of mussels succint amongst the spicy coat of the broth. It was definitely a good choice - with or without the crispy toast slices it was served with.

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latte was great
14 Sep 2014 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

Rokeby Rocks

Really great brunch place. new twist on the eggs benny served on a big country style slice of thick toast. the waffles were awesome too. the coffee was a little bitter for me in macchiatto form but as a latte it was brilliant. it's a bit crowded on a Sunday lunchtime but the attentive staff really worked the floor well...highly recommended. Parking the Harley right out front for free... icing on the cake. will be back for sure. aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi!
Spaghetti carbonara
12 Aug 2014 • 28 reviews • 0 follower

Come here only for truffle fries

I only come here for the truffle fries. I find that it have just the right amount of truffle. The brunch and dinner menu is pretty limited. We came here for brunch before and ordered the Full Monty Breakfast & Waffles, Sausage & Bacon. I'll have to say that those dishes were average, nothing memorable.

When we went there for dinner, we ordered the spaghetti carbonara and fish & chip. The carbonara was good at first till you ate about half. Then you will find it too rich. The fish & chip was not fresh.

They used to have a strawberry shortcake on their dessert selection which was WONDERFUL! But the last time I went there, they longer have it, which is so sad. Please bring the strawberry shortcake back!