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Drafts from My Coffee Table: Five words to describe Singapore

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Location: Singapore
My wife and I were on the MRT, chatting away to kill time while the train transport us to our destination. I was looking for a way to describe Singapore, the island nation where I had spent the last two years toiling away.

And so she asked, "What are the five words you would use to describe Singapore?"

Challenge accepted.

Image taken from Straits Times.
#1: Compact
Try to get your way from one end of Kuala Lumpur to the other end, and you would ask: where does the city starts and ends? The federal state actually is enclosed within Selangor, and its boundaries, while distinct on a map, is not so when you driving on the road. 

Singapore, like Penang isle, has no question on its land boundaries - it ends with water all around. Driving from one end of the nation to the other end on a traffic free day could be done in less than an hour. Its scale is dwarfed by its neighbours, and on the map, it is just a little red dot, hence its nickname for itself.

But my choice of word was not 'small' but 'compact' for another reason. Its size as a nation meant that space is a premium and land is a luxury. Unlike Penang, where it could expand to the mainland since its territory included the latter, the Little Red Dot covers only the island and then some (smaller islands). Everything could only go up or down, making high rises a norm here more than it is in even other capital cities in South East Asia.

A useful online tool compares the size of Singapore against any nation and even states of the world. Here it can be seen that the nation is larger than Penang isle, but still smaller if the state's full territory, which included the mainland, is included. Check out this fun and useful tool in OverlayMaps!
Much is packed into a three dimensional space as possible, thus creating a simmering feeling amongst the populace. Reading the local news would reveal a kettle already whistling loudly from its content going past boiling point. From its compactness comes another description though.

#2: Convenient

How do you get around in Singapore? By public transportation of course. The Little Red Dot has been described as convenient almost unanimously by all travel guidebooks, citing its excellent public transportation services as a reason why renting a car is not necessary at all to get around the island.

A First Day Cover commemorating the first operation of Singapore's MRT in 1988 (read more in my blog: Travel through Philately - Singapore Mass...

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Decent brunch spot

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
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full review:

The menu on the wall is pretty straightforward, simple brunch food ranging from sandwiches to toast. Scrambled Eggs on Toast $9 and we add on sausage $4.50. The scrambled eggs were fluffy and creamy, better than the usual cafe's eggs. To think about it, two sliced of toast and scrambled eggs for $9? That's pricey. Read good reviews online about this highly raved Brioche French Toast $14.50. It is served with braised apple, bacon, hazelnut butter and syrup. The french toast was soft and moist, leans towards the less dense texture. It was good but nothing out of the world.

Ronin is a good space for coffee, just avoid weekends as it can get dreadfully crowded. 

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One of my favourite hang outs

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
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For the full post and pictures visit toseetofeeltoeat

Matchatone. Steamed milk with thick matcha syrup. Not too fond of this as I was too lazy to scrap the sides of the cup for the matcha syrup. I kind of prefer the types of matcha drink where the matcha is already evenly blended or mixed into the steamed milk. Ok I sound incredibly lazy oops.

A cup of flat white with my friends from office! I love the coffee at Ronin, aromatic, fragrant and low in acidity. Coffee which is acidic is bad for my stomach (I get the runs) so I am always excited to find good coffee which is low in acidity. Ronin fits the bill!

The Dirty Ronin Sandwich was yummy with crispy bread, salty chorizo, runny eggs and cheese. Everything melted together super well and burst with flavours when you bit into it. Perfect sandwich for a light lunch.

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I go to this place 3x/week or so.  Today I had $4.15 in exact change for a $4.20 cup of coffee.  I asked the cashier if it was ok that I give her the $4.15 since I only had a $10/bill otherwise.  She asks the manager lady whose response is total shock and says "why would I do that"  to which I said "coz i'm here several times a week"  she says "why should the 5 cents come out of my wallet??"

So now I'll get my next 10 cups of coffee somewhere else. That's $42 in lost sales b/c of c*** customer service.  Did she have an obligation to comp me the 5 cents, no.   Was it the right business decision? Guess not.   

Btw they have no problem putting out a tip jar to solicit tips from customers.  Who the f tips in SG anyway?

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Bloggers who have eaten here

These guys make a tortoise look quick

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

The scrambled eggs are amazing. But unfortunately, it only goes down hill from there on...
 The service is utterly shambolic; so much so, they don't know what you have ordered when you come to pay. You get a free coffee as a result of them not actually knowing. How this place makes money I do not know. 5 staff members to serve less than 30 customers.
 Would you like to have your meal in 3 different stages? It takes 45mins to deliver 4 simple items (their menu is small).
 Remember to bring your own condiments such as sauce as these are not provided.
 The seating is uncomfortable but there is a nice ambiance. Avoid if you are in a rush or a group larger than 2 persons but if you like good scrambled eggs and can wait for 45mins, this is the place to go!

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