18 Kandahar Street, 198884
Asian, Halal, Indonesian, Malay, Malay / Indonesian, Malaysian
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Daily: 08:00 - 18:00

$8 based on 16 submissions
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Located at Kandahar Street, Rumah Makan Minang serves Malay food and Nasi Padang.

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Brinjal with sambal
Brinjal with sambal
Ayam Lemak
Ayam Lemak
Sambal Chilli
Sambal Chilli

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Overall RatingBased on 16 reviews
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Good Indonesian Nasi Padang, But A Little Pricey

Food/Drink 5| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 687

I had a craving for nasi padang and my friend brought me here, after I told him about it.


Its located at a corner shophouse, next to Sultan Mosque and faces the old Istana at Kampung Glam.


They serve Indonesian style Nasi Padang.


I left the ordering to my friend. Here are the highlights of my meal:

- Rendang: This was the highlight of the meal. The beef was reddish in color, unlike the usual dark brown color of the rending I’ve had before. It tasted really great with plain rice.


- Sambal Goreng: I learnt that different stalls and chefs have got different recipes for this dish and different ingredients  are used to make the dish. This one had bean curd, long beans and tempeh. It was spicy!


- Ayam Lemak: Chicken pieces cooked in coconut gravy. I kept scooping the orangey gravy over my rice, as it’s really tasty. Its good!


- Bergedil: Mash potato patty rolled into balls, coated with flour and deep fried. Its not bad.


- Brinjal with sambal: Chunks of brinjal deep fried and laden with sambal chilli. Yum!


We had the above with plain rice.


We spent $22.

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Diarrhea from blachang chilli?

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Review: 1

Went to the shop today  after watching the stall being highlighted in Food empire on Saturday. Ordered Tahu Telor, two small pieces of fishes, 1 veg, 2 small pieces of beef rendang and 2 lime juices...all came out to $28.50. Rather expensive. Taste the beef rendang was good. Unfortunately, I had diarrhea more than 5 times in the evening. I suspect it was the blachang chili  I ate as my son shared the same dishes but he did not take the chilli and nothing wrong with him. Very disappointed.

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taste yes, but not generous at all

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Review: 1

We just had lunch there albeit the fact that it was cramped. Also we were told that there was table upstairs after waiting for a while but when we went up it was full. We dont mind actually coz we heard the food is good.

We ordered for 6 pax. The amount given for each dish was really sad. Two fishballs in one, and only one piece of chicken rendang in another plate. Two small scoops of veg and sotong. Including 6 lime juice, it costs 42 dollars.

Well if the price is that expensive it is fine. But come on one piece of rendang chicken to be shared by 6 people? 

Definitely will not visit this place again.

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Total Review: 1

After being voted 5 best nasi padang in singapore and reading the write up about how good the nasi padang was, I head on down to Rumah Makan Minang today only to find out not only the food was horrible, i felt cheated. I had ordered 3 packets of rice, 2 were for my office colleagues and the other was for myself.

1.  First packet was  1 fried chickent with sayur lodeh - The fried chicken was hard and there was no vegetables.  There was only gravy on the rice.  I was charged $4.70 for actually 1 fried chicken. 

2.  Second packet ordered was 1 fried chicken with kentang belado.  Was given 1 chicken wing with kentang belado.  I could count the kentang given.  There were only 4 kentang with very miserble sum of ikan bilis.  Was charged $4.20

3.  Third packet ordered was 1 beef renday with 1 begedil and sambal goreng.  Beef was very very small.  The sambal goreng was tasty.  Begedil was disppointing. Was charged $6.20

I'm not concern about the price but if we're going to be charged high, then the quality of food must be good.   Furthermore, after eating, we all felt very thirsty....must be the msg that's making us thirsty.

I feel bad for my friends as I had convinced them that the food was good.

This will be our first and last time that we will patronise Rumah Makan Minang.  I will not recommend it to anyone else.  I've tasted better nasi padang and much much cheaper. 

Don't be deceived by the photos on their website.  Nothing taste as good as it looks.

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