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Saint Marc Cafe (VivoCity)

Saint Marc Cafe is a Japanese chain serving freshly baked breads, coffee, sandwiches and Japanese style parfaits. Its signature Chocoro is a flaky and buttery croissant with bittersweet dark chocolate wrapped within the dough.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 62222309
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Lovely desserts!

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  • Little Fuji3 votes
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02 Nov 2014 • 25 reviews • 0 follower

Lovely desserts!

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11 Oct 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

New East Coast Beach Restaurant...Fast food at restaurant price!

Went to the new full restaurant serviced St Marc Cafe at Eaat Coast Beach for breakfast on a weekend. After being seated in the restaurant, we were clearly disappointed that the breakfast menu only consist of 3 items-breakfast platter, french toast and the usual mini chococro. Plain water will be charged at $1 per jug! They also offer their usual royal milk tea and coffee drinks etc. When our breakfast were served, we were clearly disappointed, the serving is mediocre. The accompanying French fries were burnt, the croissant did not have any butter or jam to go along with, the ham was two small miserable pieces. The hot matcha latte was already sweetened and way too sweet. We were given a wooden disposable stirrer for the tea. When we feedback to the staff about the limited breakfast selection, they were rude and defensive in their answers. The saving grace was the sweet polite manager who explained the restaurant has not fully launched yet. Overall, I will not return for breakfast again. There other other better cafes which is more value for money and with better selection. Will suggest to come here only for their dessert items which are served from 12pm onwards. 
13 Aug 2014 • 579 reviews • 21 followers

Get the Little Fuji

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 A Japanese import with over 300 outlets worldwide, this cafe serves up pretty delectable confectionery and freshly brewed coffee. Just think of this as a bread-centric Japanese version of Starbucks.
 We had:

1) Little Fuji ($5.89) - a nut-studded pastry snowed with a towering swirl of soft serve vanilla ice-cream and caramel stripes: lovely and delicious
 2) Sweet Focaccia ($2.34) - simply twined with grated potato and cheese: a tad boring, a tad forgettable, but dependable as a tummy filler.
 3) Matcha Chococro ($2.43) - a green tea-infused rendition of their popular mainstay chocolate croissant: The pastry could have been a little more buttery, and flaky, but the filling, a balance of the bittersweet, was the highlight.
St Marc Cafe
08 Apr 2014 • 281 reviews • 21 followers

Anything, except for Chococro

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Following our meal at The Chop House, we are looking for something to satisfy our sweet tooth. Quick check on desserts location around Vivocity, suggested St. Marc Cafe to be on the top of the list.   Apparently St. Marc Cafe originated from Japan with more than 300 outlets in Japan. This Japanese with French influence café promise to 'provide good quality service, vibrant atmosphere, freshly brewed coffee and other varieties of drinks, and freshly-baked breads for a reasonable price.' Their most popular product is Chococro.   Chococro is made from the best blend of Ghana and Ecuador Chocolate beans, wrapped with crispy rich buttery flavour Croissant dough. Unfortunately, Chococro - $2.40 (& White Chococro - $2.60) do not send my tongue wagging. The dough is not flaky, but it seems to be a little stale, the chocolate is just average, although it has good balance and not overly sweet. Maybe it was near closing time when we get there, or you can blame it on the recent rise of artisan bakery in Singapore, that expose us to better croissant base products compare to St Marc. (Chococros rating 6/10)   The coffee are produced from a fully automated machine. The latte ($4.50) is average, diluted with very airy frothed milk. The latte that I tasted in 7-11 in Taiwan is better than this (rating 6/10). St Marc hot chocolate ($6) fare better than their latte, it has a nice blend and a good balance of sweetness and creaminess. (rating 7/10).   However, what is worth your stomach space here. Little Fuji ($6.30). This combination of soft serve vanilla ice cream with brown butter Danish is just excellent. The Danish is very soft and flaky, while the soft serve ice cream has a perfect sweetness, texture and flavour. Beautiful. (Rating 8.5/10)   For something with green tea flavour and chewy, Miyako ($8.20) is a good option. Green Tea Ice cream, with Soft serve vanilla ice cream, mochi and a dollop of red bean. It is refreshing and it has most of the traditional Japanese desserts ingredients and most of the texture are well represented here. Yum Yum! (Rating 8/10)   The other positive factor about St Marc is their vibrant atmosphere. From far away, the cafe seems to invite you to come in and spend some time in the cafe. As promise, St Marc does provide a friendly and good service to a certain extend, most of the stuff is basically self service.   Overall, St Marc Cafe really deliver on its promise of good service and vibrant atmosphere. Their Chococro is not to my liking, however there are plenty of other breads and desserts that are worth coming back for. So if you are at Vivocity or Marina Square, give this place a try. Cheers!!  
Saint Marc Cafe Exterior
07 Mar 2014 • 324 reviews • 54 followers

Fusion Dessert Bakery With Good Pastries

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Despite the Italian sounding name, Saint Marc Cafe is actually a Japanese patisserie utilizing French pastry making techniques. Established in 1998 in Tokyo, Saint Marc Cafe has since expanded worldwide, serving a vast variety of pastries, dessert, and drinks at affordable prices.

Ambience at Saint Marc Cafe is casual minimalist, with decor consisting of several small pictures. The surrounding is open, with warm hues making the interior seem inviting. A large display cabinet outside draws attention, though the fake Japanese display is rather un-lifelike.

Saint Marc Cafe believes in self-service, you'll have to queue and place orders at the counter, then collect when ready. Thumbs up for their quick order fulfillment though, you'll rarely have to wait longer than 10 minutes, even despite peak periods.

Saint Marc Cafe specialises in desserts, namely; cakes, parfaits, waffles, and pastries. Made with French pastry techniques, and influenced by French, Italian, and Japanese, their menu is a fusion of east and west flavours. To accompany these, they have a good selection of drinks, especially their coffee which is made fresh daily.

The Yamitsuki Dog is literally translated as 'Addictive Dog'. Featuring a long, juicy chicken cheese sausage baked inside a soft bread roll, the Yamitsuki Dog is enhanced with spicy black pepper and sharp yellow mustard, making each bite a kick.

The signature house speciality is the Chococro Chocolate, featuring a bitter-sweet chocolate made from a blend of Ghana and Ecuador cacao beans, stuffed within a crisp, flaky, buttery croissant that shatters when bit. Lovely and satisfying.