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Saizeriya (Liang Court)


Saizeriya specializes in fusion food of both Asian and Western Cuisine. They sells unique yet tasty cuisine that is bound to satisfy your cravings.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 63379001
$13 based on 102 submissions
Dinner (43 votes), Children/Family (37 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (37 votes)
Phyllis Kum



The HGW community like this place for...

  • focaccia13 votes
  • chicken wings3 votes
  • risotto2 votes
  • spaghetti carbonara2 votes
  • truffle chocolate ice cream2 votes
  • Black Squid Ink Pasta1 vote
  • Cheese baked scallops1 vote
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Based on 102 votes
14 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


24 Apr 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Reasonable price for decent food

Visited Saizeriya today for a late lunch and the place was relatively empty. Ordered a grilled pork and a beef stew. The beef stew was inconsistent, some pieces were hard whike others were tender. The grilled pork was better, but according to lunch partner, seemed quite tasteless. We ended up dipping the pork slices in the beef stew gravy.

Ordered the set so it came with rice, salad, and free flow drinks. It was quite filling. Affordable, I'll say.

Don't think this will be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of food at Liang Court, but definitely to consider if looking for cheap and not-too-bad options.
Genovese spaghetti ($5.9)
20 Mar 2014 • 16 reviews • 0 follower

Not bad for the price paid

For more, visit
Don't expect too much from this restaurant, and you will be pleasantly surprised! For the price paid (almost food court price), you get a much better food quality here, comfortable seatings, vast variety of food, and you get to choose if you want to access to the free flow drink bar (with choices of hot and cold drinks) at $2.8. 
09 Jan 2014 • 37 reviews • 18 followers

Kinda yucks...

Came here for dinner just yerday night with my brother after doing our shopping. I had heard some hype about saizeriya and thought would be good to try.

It looked pretty crowded as we browsed the menu outside and saw how amazingly cheap the prices were for steaks, hotplate burgers, chicken chops, etc.

Fine, went in.

We ordered the Mussels Marinara to share, I had the pork and beef set with add-on rice, and my brother had the cheese beef.

I had salad starters and he ordered garlic baguette.
Salad came first. Then his baguette which was soft and only crispy at the corners. Would have been better toasted longer.

Then the mussels came and it already looked back. The idea we had about marinara is a thick-ish tomato sauce - regardless that the picture in the menu also showed the same thick-ish sauce - since the menu has a "disclaimer" that what the pics show may not be what it actually looks like. but MARINARA?! without looking at the pic, I think it's supposed to be thick sauce, isn't it??

It came SOUPY. On top of that, it tasted horrible. Dipping the garlic baguette in didn't help the taste either.

Our main dishes came. My pork... was stinky, and tasted stinky too. Thankfully the beef burger was all right (just all right....). So that's that.

We asked for dessert to be served after meal.. to which we waited after the same lady who took our order cleared our table.. and had to press the call button to remind to bring our desserts.

At least the desserts were nice.
I had aht chocolate lava cake which comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nice. Lava was already "spilt" out of the cake but oh well..

Bro had the choc truffle thing. I don't know, he finished it, so must be nice.

Drinks were free-flow with our "upgraded" set meals so.. :)

Overall, this place is Cheap food but not so good.
Maybe (just maybe, IF we come back) next time, we heard the escargots were nice? hmmmmm....
30 Dec 2013 • 43 reviews • 16 followers

Saturday Dinner with Family

We went to Liang court in hope to get a cheap TV at Audio House (they have some promotion too), so we settled dinner first at Saizeriya located on the 2nd level. We had wanted to eat at the food court at ground level, but it had become Uniqlo.. =_= even Kraze Burger is gone and some Japanese restaurant has replaced it. We were there at about 715? And it wasn’t full house – we managed to get table immediately. Think we over ordered, cos the bill came up to be $70! Haha. If u haven been to Saizeriya before, lemme tell u this – it’s quite difficult to overspend at Saizeriya cos their prices are really low!

After our order, this mushroom soup and our smoked salmon came immediately. Yes maybe at most 1 minute after the order-taker left! Amazing! The soup was for Al, and she finished every drop of it!

Please go to for full review and pics! Cheers!