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Review for Sakae Sushi (Junction 8)


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03 Jul 2014 • 5 Reviews • 0 Follower

Extremely disappointing lunch buffet

Visited this restaurant today for their teatime buffet. Was first disappointed with the quality of their food as many of the dishes were too salty. The majority of their sushi were at best supermarket standard if not worse and ingredients used didn't seem fresh to me. Upon complaining to their manager regarding the saltiness of the dishes, she shockingly retorted that I was the first customer of the day to say so. Unacceptable behaviour from any F&B manager to talk back to the customer. She also added that the dishes were only buttered so clearly she doesn't understand that butter is also salty?! The orange lighting used also made it very hot. 

All in all poor dining experience , definitely will not return much less recommend this to anyone.

I spent $22 per pax.
Average Spend
$45 for 2 pax
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