#02-54, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, 188021
Asian, Japanese
+65 63349015

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 22:00

Eve of PH: 11:00 - 22:00

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This conveyor-belt sushi restaurant chain offers a mind-boggling array of over 200 sushi and Japanese dishes. There are regular promotions for seasonal items, and the restaurant even has high-tech interactive menus.+ website & descriptio

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salmon-don (wafer thin fish slices)
salmon-don (wafer thin fish slices)
fried ebi & the dip
fried ebi & the dip
  • Donbin Mushi 1 vote
  • Sakae Salad 1 vote
  • cheese tepanyaki chicken 1 vote
  • hamachi sashimi 1 vote
  • ikura sushi 1 vote
  • nama hotate 1 vote
  • red plated sushis 1 vote
  • salmon sashimi 1 vote

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the big leap

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 224

it wasnt too long ago when i promised myself to write sakae sushi off my list of places to dine, but my saturday date thought she wanted to give it a try. on seeing that they've revamped the decor, i thought yeah, let's give it a chance to redeem its place on my list.

service was prompt and we were quickly seated. the service staff was kind enough to give us our privacy for a fair bit of chatter before tending to us again for orders. casually, we asked for the hot green tea, and did the rest of the orders via the digitised touch screen menu.

somehow, we were on the same chapter, and decided to try out some of the SOP sashimi & sushi. all that we picked were colored & red plates and had our fill.

in summary, i'd say that there's been some improvement in the quality of the rice, while the cuts of the fishes erased my past horror. at the end of it all, if the lady is happy... i should be too.

citibank card gets u 10% discount for bills exceeding $30.00.

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Value for money

Total Reviews: 147

Value for money and never disappoints. I come back to it all the time. The ambience at the most branches has become more sombre but elegant and the menu has expanded to interest anyone who might be bored. A great place if you wish to find sushi at an affordable price. I am not saying its super cheap but its affordable good sushi. If you are very hungry and wish to have food immediately, walk in to any of its outlets and satisfy your sushi craving by seating near its conveyor belt. You will be surprised how fast your craving will be satisfied. You can also order other food such as bento sets. Feast away!

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so so

Total Reviews: 160

sakae sushi located at bugis junction is a place where by there is constantly a long queue. but i feel that there are better place for sushi even though there may not be as afforadable as this. 
but to say there is still a wide selection of sashimi and japanese food to fill our taste buds. and my favourite is the soft shell crab hand roll whereby i still think that it is one of the better hand rolls that are being made, 

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