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Sakura International Buffet Restaurant (Dhoby Ghaut)


Despite its name, this buffet restaurant serves not only Japanese cuisine but Western and Asian dishes too. The spread includes all the Japanese standards like sushi, sashimi, tempura and teppanyaki, complemented by dim sum, lobster salad, grilled meats, among others.

Mon to Sun: 12.00pm - 02.30pm (Lunch), 06.00pm - 09.30pm (Dinner)
+65 63348197
$25 based on 4 submissions
Jun Niz

Everything Change

est place to have lunch &dinner w ur families,friends & your love1. Even have birthday treat. easy to reach and parking car nearby even mrt just below the restaurant.

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17 Apr 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

The most horrible dining experience EVER


My friends and I went to the Dhoby Ghaut branch on 17 April 2014 for dinner. Everything was horrible. The food looked extremely unappetising and I'm honestly quite concerned avout the hygiene. Raw foods were served (sashimi and sushi) but there were flies around so just looking at it made me lose my appetite. Moreover the plate clearing area was right in front of the restaurant near the food! The stench of the dirty area permeated our table. The dessert area was so awful because it was warm and humid, I felt like all the desserts was literally festering in the heat. I was so turned off. (Usually I go for the desserts first.) The floor was also very sticky! Like did they not mop it at all! And they were cleaning the kitchen area during dining hours so the dessert area was flooded. Not considerate for the diners at all! 

The variety was so limited, it cannot be called an international restaurant at all. The portions of cooked meat were so measly, like if you ordered bulgogi, only one skewer of meat would be served. And the quality of the food was meagre. The seafood was not fresh,  the sushi was crispy from the amount of time it's been sitting there, and the rest of the food was stale. Especially the raw seafood which was not kept cold! Totally below average. In fact, the most delicious thing there was the Milo because it came out of the coffee machine.

The staff was slow in clearing our plates, so our table was overflowing with used plates. This happened even when the restaurant was 30% full near closing time. It was impossible to get the staff's attention even after I waved frantically, so I just gave up wasting my energy.

Honestly, the only reason why we even stayed was because we payed $36/pax (w GST) BEFORE we came in and saw the miserable state of affairs. We tried to eat as much as we could to redeem our money's worth but we got more and more disappointed with every minute we stayed. 

In short, if it was possible to give this restaurant negative stars, I would give it negative 5. So disappointed. I would have spent that much money on quality hawker food or even other hotel buffet restaurants out there. 


I will be emailing this review to the manger of the Sakura chain. 
25 Feb 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Everything Change

est place to have lunch &dinner w ur families,friends & your love1. Even have birthday treat. easy to reach and parking car nearby even mrt just below the restaurant.
30 Oct 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

The most worst sakura buffet outlet that I ever visited!!!

I visited this restaurant on 28/10/13(mon) for my anniversary celebration , but I was so shock on the food verities not much choices mostly all not top-up? very noisy and if u take food the space is so small and cramp u can't even walk-in and out freely,can say that the chef and staff over there very slow and not aware if the food is finished till the customer approach them and ask about it? I rather go to the sakura at woodlands in future the place less noise and the food verities way2 much more then at douby ghaut I will never ever visit this outlet anymore!!!
31 Jan 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Nice experience with a lot of variety

Location is quite remote altough its merely 1 min away walk from Dhoby Gaut MRT! maybe because it facing Penang rd and is not exposed to crowd at Dhoby Gaut MRT and Plaza Singapura or pedestrian along the busy orchard rd. Its too bad coz this place has so much potential

First is the food. It has so many different kind of food:
Sushi and sashimi
Pizza with different type
Fried ebi/chicken/fish/salmon etc.
Hainanese Chicken rice
BBQ station: beef satay,mutton chop, chicken satay,etc.
On top of it they also have veriation of drinks: Sjora, soft drinks (rootbeer,fanta),nestle drinks, etc.
And variation of Ice cream BEN & JERRY!! yummy
variation of cakes
variation of salad
variation of fruits

The second is that this restaurant hold certificate of halal. With so many tourist coming from Indonesia(which predominantly muslim) to SIngapore, it should become one of the favourite destination for hungy tourist, unfortunately due to uneasy access and unknown repuation it become left quite and not so crowded

Definitely I will bring my relative from Indonesia to this place if they visit Singapore
29 Oct 2010 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Miss it and won't regret

I had been to other Sakura outlet and this outlet is far from the standards - very disappointing. The food area is cramp and varieties are very limited, not much to choose from. Especially the deserts and drink area, is actually the passage to the toilets. Those cook on the spot or you ordered are either over cooked or very salty. Chefs there seems grungy too. Air condition area is always warm and clearing tables are very slow. Definitely not worth price paid.