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Asian, Halal, International, Japanese
+65 65668197

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 21:30

$22 based on 22 submissions
Large Groups/Gathering (6 votes), Lunch (6 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (5 votes) ...

Despite its name, this buffet restaurant serves not only Japanese cuisine but Western and Asian dishes too. The spread includes all the Japanese standards like sushi, sashimi, tempura and teppanyaki, complemented by dim sum, lobster salad, grilled meats, among others.

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Fresh prawns - live variety - the head of the prawn is firmly attached to the body, not limp
Fresh prawns - live variety - the head of the prawn is firmly attached to the body, not limp
New item Laksa
New item Laksa
New item kueh pai tee with shrimps
New item kueh pai tee with shrimps
Top - fan clams, mussels, bottom salmon, clams
Top - fan clams, mussels, bottom salmon, clams
Cold items,  lotus, kimchi, vermicelli, lobster salad, fruit salad
Cold items, lotus, kimchi, vermicelli, lobster salad, fruit salad
Rows of sushi
Rows of sushi
  • Breaded prawn 1 vote
  • FRSHLY FRIED tempura. 1 vote
  • Salmon shashimi with wasabe - eat till drop ! 1 vote
  • dessert section! 1 vote
  • edo sushi 1 vote
  • grilled satay 1 vote
  • lamb chops 1 vote
  • mochi 1 vote
  • sashimi 1 vote
  • squid sashimi 1 vote
  • sushi 1 vote
  • tempura prawn 1 vote
  • tempura. 1 vote
  • tuna maguro shashimi 1 vote

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Sakura Jurong Town Hall, Omni Science Centre is Closed.

Total Reviews: 3

Latest update! Sakura Jurong Town Hall Omni is closed. The other day I went to watch movies at Omni and was surprised it was closed. Transferred to Jurong SAFRA or try other locations.

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Christmas Eve

Food/Drink 4 | Value N/A | Ambience 4 | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 58

This year Christmas Eve was spent mainly at the west side of Singapore. Baby came to pick me up and we went for Sakura International Buffet at Science Centre. I will only highlight what's nice at Sakura! We had way too much varieties of food I can't possible remember all the name of the food.

Pictures are up at my blog :)

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Great salmon sashimi, clams and great value.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 787

Haven't been eating at Sakura since years ago and had the chance to try it out today. Surprise - there is a senior citizen rate - only for those above 60 at a $3 discount from the listed price. I still wonder how Sakura and the Suki group do it at such a low price. You would expect to find poor quality food there but no - the sashimi is freshly sliced in front of you, not soggy, lamb chops are freshly grilled and tasty............... read on.

Ambience: Haven't been here in some time and they've added the outside area to a once limited seating place. The parking is free yeah!! so that you can take you time to enjoy the endless variety in this self service buffet. Seats comfortable, aircon cool..

Food: There must be a few hundred items for you to eat. Just the dessert trays list about 30 items !! I enjoy the sashimi at Sakura. Thick slabs of salmon (not belly lah!) served fresh from the fish (you can see them de-skinning the fish in front of you, not prepared in advance. firm flesh, chunky and loads of wasabe. I avoid the sutchi because I think it is catfish flesh. Took the ika (squid) and it was sliced just right. Had a bit of the tuna (maguro) but it was just average. Just eating the sashimi alone will get you your money's worht for lunch. I had the sushi - salmon, squid, clams, raw prawns - all tasty but only one each as there were loads of other stuff.

I must highlight the potato salad with lobster which was delicious, the fruit mayo salad, also fresh and not soggy.

The hot items were a selection of meats, but I only chose the lamb chops. three small pieces were grilled and slightly charred but perfect - no sauce please, it spoils the taste.

Ate one piece of prawn tempura - still good, crisp and not oily, one piece of pizza - crust was a bit hard, but cheese fresh, one kueh pai tee - Yes, they've added kueh pai tee to the menu but avoided the other cooked dishes (lots more - stewed duck, rice, noodles, chawamushi, jellyfish salad, thai vermicelli, wah endless!!)

Went on to dessert - I love their mochi which are prepared by themselves in their factory and they were great. the pink one had durian filling and a new item is the crepe rolled over durian. Avoided the packaged jellies, and had some fresh fruits.

Satisfied!! and did not overeat.

Value: Great value, if you eat just 15 items out of the 100 odd, you'll have your value back. The challenge is NOT to over eat.

Service: It's DIY but they clear plates very fast and very polite staff.

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