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The Screening Room consists of a rooftop bar with a view over Chinatown, and a boutique theatre on level three. The rooftop bar, reopened in May 2015, now features trendy , well-spiced finger foods and more than just run-of-the-mill cocktails. 

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Danish hake fish ($28)
  • Bag em ‘ Crabs 1 vote
  • Drinks 1 vote
  • Flavoured sweet paprika and butter cashew nuts 1 vote
  • Glenburgie 1983 1 vote
  • Glenfarclas 25 1 vote
  • Harissa Chicken Skewer 1 vote
  • Lamb rack 1 vote
  • Pork Chop 1 vote
  • Roasted cod 1 vote
  • mixed cheese plate 1 vote
  • olives bowl 1 vote
  • whisky liquer 1 vote

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Overall RatingBased on 21 reviews
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Great Place To Chill With a Great View!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

The Screening Room is located at Ann Siang Hill and Club street intersection,  and they have just re-opened after renovations.


I came by the Rooftop recently and I was surprised to find this alfresco space at the top of the building. There’s a bar and you can choose to lounge at a high table or lay back on the sofas.


The venue offers you a panoramic unblocked view of Chinatown and the CBD (Central Business District).


For drinks, I tried the ‘Corn n Oil’ cocktail. This sounded unique and I quite like it, as I am a wine and whisky drinker. The cocktail had rum, aperol, falemum and bitters in it. Try it for something unique.


The ‘Ristretto Manhattan’ cocktail was interesting, as it was coffee based. It had rye whisky, sweet vermouth and coffee liquor. It was strong!


I also had some small bites. Standouts were:

- Harissa Chicken Skewer: This is tandoori chicken on skewers, which you dip into coriander chutney.

- Bag em ‘ Crabs: Mini crabs coated in batter and deep fried and spiced with Cajun and lime wedges.


The olives bowl was also good. It had green, black and kalamata olives which were great with drinks.  Not forgetting the flavoured sweet paprika and butter cashew nuts, which were very good.


A great place to sit back with some friends, order a drink and chill!



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A Cold and Salty Experience

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

The staff weren't the most helpful, I had informed them that I would like to reserve a table to celebrate my girlfriend's bday and the staff who called me to confirm said they noted my request for a slice of cake/dessert to serve with a candle after our meal but said they do not serve dessert, as such I could buy and bring my own dessert. So I did. When we came on the day, the staff on duty asked me if i was planning to consume the dessert in their premise which I replied yes. She then said, "oh you have to inform us in advance." And so I told her I did and she could check her reservations list. She rather brusquely told me, "oh we can't access that only the office staff can." In any case, she proceeded to keep my dessert for me. But throughout the show, she came twice to ask if we would like to have our cake (seriously in the pitch darkness) - I asked if we could have the cake after the lights came on after the show and she say no that would not be possible as they would need to clear us out right after the show for another event so we could not have our cake after (so we ended up having to take our cake and eat it somewhere else cos the staff insisted there is no where else in the whole place we can eat it after the show) Being our first visit, we had no idea that the theatre would be so dark and we could hardly see what we are eating and had to constantly use our phone's light to check what we were putting into our mouths. The cheese stick tapas that the staff recommended was incredibly incredibly salty, we all took one bite and the first reaction was "omg this is soooo salty". What further aggravated the experience was that airport was going at 200% blast and for the 3 hours that we had to sit through watching "Magnolia" - could literally feel the blood freezing in my veins. And oh yes, the toilet is as elusive as it can possibly get... wandered around looking for a toilet sign 3/4 thru the show and couldn't locate the washroom or a staff to point me in the right direction. Honestly think I will derive more pleasure watching a dvd at home with snacks and drinks. Not a pleasant experience or one I would wish to repeat any time soon.

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Drinks at the Screening Room

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 617

Having passed by The Screening Room so many times, and yet I still didn't know how interesting it could be. There's a restaurant, a pub, a movie theater all in one, featuring movies by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and other classics such as "Casablanca". French movies are also available, so one just needs to get a drink and immerse themselves in the shows.

That night, we didn't get to watch any flicks because that area was reserved for an event, hence we went up to the roof-top bar, La Terraza. So, no "food meets film" experience for me as yet (except if you count Golden Village's Gold Class theaters).

The rooftop bar area was not big, and it was filled with merry drinkers chilling out on this cool evening - drinks, music and the tantalizing smells of hot food filled the air.

Tiny colored lights are strewn around the place, giving it a festive sheen of light, yet dimmed to a romantic and mysterious ambience.

We had beers by the breeze. Well, I seldom take beer, really, but since I was having sore throat and beer is known to be "cooling", I took it. This is a lovely place, and I wouldn't mind heading back to try its palatable-looking food as well as catch some old movies.

For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to check out:

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