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Located on Level 32 of The Westin Singapore, Seasonal Tastes is the hotel's signature venue, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that show off panoramic views of Singapore's city skyline. The restaurant offers a live interactive kitchen concept where guests can enjoy a truly personalised culinary experience. Its weekly chillout Sunday brunch, The Brunch Beats, boasts a unique taste, sight and sound experience as you wind down the weekend with your loved ones.

Daily: 06:30 - 23:00

Sunday Brunch: 12:00 - 15:00

+65 69226968
$75 based on 13 submissions
Anniversary (4 votes), Buffet (3 votes)
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Full Seasonal Tastes review here:

Located on the 32nd floor of the Westin Hotel, Seasonal Tastes is the signature in-house hotel restaurant, with a wide buffet spread ranging from Asian to International dishes. Offering an Interative Kitchen where each chef is dedicated to a particular speciality, Seasonal Tastes is a top quality hotel buffet, with panoramic views of the surrounding Marina South and Marina Bay area.

Ambiene at Seasonal Tastes is fantastic. Floor to ceiling length windows offer perfect view of the bay area, while decor is modern contemporary chic. The spacious layout even has semi-private alcoves, while furniture is not only eye-catching but comfortable as well. The buffet spread is well laid out in sections (Fresh Seafood, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Desserts), though the actual flow of the spread isn't linear. Overall ambient lighting is also rather dim.

Service at Seasonal Tastes is outstanding. Staff are friendly and polite, offering greetings on entry. Efficient as well, clearing empty plates quickly, and topping up water glasses without being asked. I must also commend the Seasonal Tastes staff, on 1 anonymous visit I had left my camera behind, and only discovered the loss after I had departed the hotel premesis. Panicked, I returned, only to find the Seasonal Tastes staff holding onto it, and searching the hotel for me. Excellent, memorable service!

Food at Seasonal Tastes is generally of high quality, with each chef having dedicated specialities. Helmed by German Executive Chef Sven Cepon, the team comprises both local and regional chefs, each specialising in their own cuisine. Dishes are freshly prepared daily according to traditional recipes, and the menu is rotated regularly to keep things fresh even for repeat diners. Prices at Seasonal Tastes are on the upper end, budget about SGD $70 per person for the dinner buffet.

The unique Lobster Russian Salad With Vodka Mayonnaise features loads of fresh potatoes, peas, cherry tomatoes and dill, along with fresh, meaty, succulent lobster meat. The vodka mayonnaise is light, not too heavy or overpowering, and complements the freshness of this cold salad.

Loved the Fusilli Pasta Salad, Sundried Tomato Dressing With Shaved Prosciutto Ham! The ham lent a salty, savoury taste to the clean, fresh taste of the pasta, while the sundried tomato added a burst of juicy flavour in the mouth.

The Macaroni And Cheese Salad With Smoked Chicken features hand made macaroni, with a nice bouncy texture. The smoked chicken is done perfectly, lending a savoury, smoky taste and lifting the whole dish. But I couldn't detect the presence of the cheese at all.

Ordered the Mushroom Tortellini Aglio Olio With Bacon & Crispy Garlic from the live pasta station, it was outstanding! The best part as the use of the crispy fried garlic bits in the aglio olio, which releases a burst of flavour!

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21 Nov 2014 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

A rather pedestrian invited tasting

For the full review of the entire buffet spread, please see

Seasonal Tastes, Westin's in-house all-day buffet restaurant, when they launched their themed dinners, an Italian-centric Mamma Mia Pasta Nights on a Monday.

Despite the good service, I found Seasonal Tastes to be a largely middling buffet, as most buffets tend to be. It wasn't the worst, but it was far from the best. And, if you ask me, I wouldn't pay the $62 pricetag for dinner.

Desserts and cheese fared better than the mains in general, but the pasta -a-la-minute station churned out pretty decent customised pastas.
29 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Waste of money

I decided to try out Seasonal Tastes despite the less than glowing rating on HGW as I've experienced impeccable service at its sister restaurant Cook and Brew.

The view and the Verve Cliquot champagne were the only 2 redeeming factors for the champagne brunch. 

Selection and variety was terrible. Eg. only 4 cheese selection available for the cheese board. 

Yogurt station had a sign stating there was superfood ingredients to be mixed with the yogurt. Next to it was a selection of chocolates and sugary condiments. I didn't know sugar is categorized as a superfood. (See photos) 

I had to wait 10 mins twice for my glass to be filled while the group of 5 Caucasian at the next table had 10 full glasses of champagne and a few glasses of mojito. What a disparity in service!

Definitely a royal waste of money.
12 Aug 2014 • 79 reviews • 0 follower

Great view and ambiance!

For a full review with pictures and a detailed write-up!