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#01-11/12, TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Road, 238164
American, Western
+65 68365841

Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 00:00

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Located within the heart of Orchard at Triple One Somerset, Seasons Bistro believes that seasonal food not only tastes better but also offers better value for diners. The seasonally-changing menus draw inspiration from a myriad of cuisines in the Americas and are complemented by creative cocktails, craft beers and boutique wines. Helming the kitchen of Seasons Bistro is Executive Chef Benjamin Fong who has been mentored in Toronto, Canada, by award-winning chefs like Samuel Glass and Keith Kowalski. Participating in the inaugural Sustainable Seafood Festival 2014, Seasons Bistro will be highlighting a special menu featuring sustainable creations to express the importance of sustainability and conservation to diners.

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Pecan Pie with Ice Cream
Pecan Pie with Ice Cream
Chicken Caesar Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad
Pork Tenderloin
Pork Tenderloin
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake

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The mother of all MEATLOAFS !

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

Being a North American moving to Asia, you tend to miss loads of home / comfort cooked meals. I've been back to Seasons since my last review for brunches, lunches and more dinners, this place has really impressed me loads. Great food and service !
 Now being in their Autumn menu, they've introduced a meatloaf. Not something you see everyday on a main menu of any restaurant here in the US let alone ASIA !
 Seriously, it's not something very tricky to make. If my mother can make it, i'm sure any professional chef would be able to make it better, and they DID !! A nice slab of pork and sausage, homemade gravy, maple bacon & mash ! Did i mention maple bacon ?!
 I would once again recommend this place to new diners and for people who wants to understand American cooking at it's best !

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pre-Christmas dinner with gf

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 2
Total Review: 1

Went dinner with girl friend at seasons after seeing good comments on this restaurant. To my disappointment, truffle fries were soft, grilled salmon was "burnt" with salmon skin black and bitter taste. Thank goodness our last main which is the pasta still consider pretty ok. Will be our first and last visit to this restaurant....

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The management of Seasons Bistro responded to this review:
09 Jan 2015
Dear Marie Ong, We are sad to read you had a bad experience at our restaurant. Do not hesitate to contact me personally and I'll do my best to make it up to you. Best regards, Thomas

Great food, value is pretty good

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 23

Have had lunch and dinner here recently.

Lunch was outstanding value and great quality. I chose for my starter chicken skewers which were succulent and flavourful. The main was maple glazed salmon which had a novel note. The pièce de résistance was the pie of the day - pecan pie with vanilla ice cream. It was a generous portion chock full of pecans and bursting with pecan flavour, and the ice cream was pretty good.

For dinner I tasted the chicken caesar salad and the soup of the day (parsnip soup). The chicken caesar salad was possibly the best I've ever had - the chicken was warm (a first) and plentiful, it used generously large pieces of real crispy bacon and the vegetable mix was fresh and varied (not boring iceberg lettuce, no). The 6 minute egg was interesting, though I'm not quite a fan of eggs done this way (except with ramen). The soup was tasty - parsnip is very unusual in Singapore. The only flaw was the slice of toast on top was a little old.

The mains were surf and turf gumbo and pork tenderloin. The pork tenderloin was moist and tender, and served with a delicious sauce on top. It was served with a tasty guacamole with what seemed to be kidney beans inside. Only downside was the corn pancake below was a little flavourless. The gumbo was alright - spicy without having the full flavour kick a gumbo is capable of having. However it was generous with ingredients, with 4 medium-sized prawns. I liked the chow chow (pickled relish) thrown in too - it added a sweet/sour note of contrast to the rest of the gumbo.

Dessert was pecan pie with ice cream (reviewed above) and carrot cake. The carrot cake was pretty good and moist.

The place is slightly pricey if you're not having a lunch set (which is fantastic value) but you get what you pay for. I like it so much I'll be having brunch there soon - eating there for the third time in two weeks. They have a privilege card where you can topup and get bonus credit so that helps.

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Food isn't great

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 527

Had dinner with a couple of friends at Seasons Bistro, an American styled bistro that has garnered pretty good reviews since its opening a couple of months back.   Located on the ground floor of Triple One Somerset (the former PUB building) and playing neighbour to Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong and Imperial Treasure Steamboat (which I personally don't find that great), Seasons features a down to earth wooden interior with huge wall to ceiling glass panels for a view of the exterior pedestrian walkway.    Season's Poutine ($10++) - I love my poutine and even though Season's poutine was specifically recommended in quite a few reviews, it was quite a let down in my humble opinion. Sure, the fries were moist but where was the lightly crisp skin? Also, the gravy was a tad too bland and the Stripey Jack cheese came in cubes, not mildly gooey curds, which is one of the hallmarks of poutine. I will take gladly take Triple O's version over this anytime.   Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($22++) - After a rather disappointing start, this Southern dish of buttermilk fried chicken perked things up a little though it did look rather dry on the outside. Thankfully the meat was flavourful and juicy with a nice crunch from the skin. 3 rather small pieces, served with a side of corn salad.   Banana Split ($12++) - Season's deconstructed banana split. Done to an almost perfect disaster. 1 rock hard scoop of vanilla bean ice cream coupled with a dash of nutella and 2 pieces of caramalised bananas (goreng pisang) that came coated with a limp layer of flour and lacked any sweetness or taste for that matter. The granola nut crumbs gave this dish a slightly chewy taste which I personally didn't like; Crushed nuts would have suited better in my humble opinion.   1 poutine, 1 chicken and 1 dessert cost me about $52 nett. Expensive? Quantitatively speaking, not really. But qualitatively, yes. General food quality was average at best and definitely not worth the price paid. Service was pretty decent though and the restaurant offers a relatively quiet place to catch up with friends in Orchard road over dinner but unfortunately that's just not enough.   See all my pictures here

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The management of Seasons Bistro responded to this review:
27 Nov 2014
Too bad you had a bad experience in July with us @fatpig. We have improved our menu and have launched our new menu recently! We would be happy to invite you to try it out again and let us know your opinion!

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