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Seoul Yummy (Bugis+)

Seoul Yummy serves good quality Korean cuisine with excellent customer service at great value.

Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

+65 65096900
$21 based on 6 submissions
After Work (4 votes), Ala Carte (3 votes), Lunch (3 votes)

Seoul Yummy @ Bugis+

Hi foodies, if you want to know more about Seoul Yummy, do check out our food blog for a food review with photos (:

Hope this helps (: 

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21 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

First and most likely last time going

Tried a combo for two pax. 
include , multigrain rice 
             Spicy chicken soup
            Lemon tea
             Dessert ice cream.
.liked the salmon and spicy chicken soup 
dessert was forgotten to serve and it's on a quiet lunch crowd. After payment, minutes later pass by the shop and highlight about the dessert that was forgotten and was offered to have it takeaway.  Staff passed uncalled for remarks and joke/laugh. 
     Service leaves much to be desired. 
12 Mar 2014 • 16 reviews • 0 follower

Seoul Yummy @ Bugis+

Hi foodies, if you want to know more about Seoul Yummy, do check out our food blog for a food review with photos (:

Hope this helps (: 
02 Feb 2014 • 126 reviews • 5 followers

Definitely yummy!

For more details, please visit   You can select between seafood or meat, where meat consists of chicken, pork, and beef. Dessert wise, additional $1.90 is for ala-carte desserts out of this page.   We had the Roasted Barley Tea, and upgraded the other to Ice Lemon Tea with aiyu jelly. Both drinks are nice, but only the barley tea is re-fillable :P   Six side dishes, and a healthier choice of multi-grain rice, inclusive. You can also opt for white rice too!
  We had the Fried Kimchi Dumplings for appetiser. Crispiness is just right, and fillings are super tasty.
  Here's the highlight! Army Stew with meat, where we requested for only chicken and pork, excluding beef. Soup base is re-fillable as well, and from what I can identify, they have maggie mee, kimchi, golden mushroom, carrot, luncheon meat, and hotdog. Of course, the chicken and pork meat too!
  We went for the Korean Bingsoo series, and chosen Special Trio Bingsoo ($6.90) out of the other two, Mango Bingsoo and Strawberry Bingsoo.
 Special Trio Bingsoo consists of mango, strawberry, and kiwi. There are also jellies and aloe vera. This whole dessert is so satisfying *\o/*
  For more details, please visit
15 Nov 2013 • 43 reviews • 0 follower

Generous with the ingredients (value for money) but the taste is not exactly to my liking

Tried the Spam Kimchi Ra-myon & KImchi Rice , value for money for the amout of ingredients but the soup base was not exactly to my liking. Good that they are generous with their serving! Took us awhile before the waitress saw us (i held up my hands quite some time to get their attention). A rather affordable place for korean food. More over at
05 Sep 2013 • 54 reviews • 0 follower

Seoul Yummy is really So Yummy!

More photos:

Saw that there was a promotion set that is quite attractive so I decided to have dinner there!

What is included in the set:
Army Stew (Choice of meat stew or seafood stew)
Assorted side dishes
Multi-grain rice.
Roasted Barley Tea
One choice of appetizer
One choice of dessert

Star dish of the night was the Army Stew, consisting of noodles, meat, vegetable and more. Many choices to choose from for appetizers and desserts.