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Seoul Yummy (The Central)

Seoul Yummy serves good quality Korean cuisine with excellent customer service at great value.

Daily: 11:00 - 23:00

+65 62278802
$20 based on 16 submissions
Dinner (6 votes), After Work (3 votes), Children/Family (3 votes)
Justin D. Pereira

A Bit of Yummy Seoul In Seoul Yummy. 어서오세요!

Imagine Korean food and I reckon anyone would immerse their imagination into the traditional and heritage beauty of Korea, exemplified greatly by the popular K-drama series Da Chang Jing. Fast forward that to today and what we get is Seoul Yummy, serving up Korean Casual Dining to all its patrons.

I must comment that service was excellent at Seoul Yummy. Warm greetings flowed through the establishment as all the staff echoed each other with welcome. The dishes served up were prompt as well and the service staff were almost always catering to your attention.

The Cheul Pan Go Deng Or (Hotplate Fried Saba Fish : $10.80) was literally frying in its oil on the hotplate and the sauce that was ladled over was bubbling in delight.

A very crispy skin coated the flesh within and with a delicate break using my chopsticks, I raveled in the delightful music of that little crispy crunch. Only to reveal a sparkle of juices bursting from within. Although the fish has been fried, the flesh remained firm and the taste of the sea never left the Saba. Accolades for this dish!

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Honestly, I find that Seoul Yummy offers very affordable Korean fare. Now, if they only had Ginseng Chicken Soup...Hmmm =)

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23 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Nightmare (health promotion board to take note)

Ok this is really one of the worst - I'm so upset that I’ve to create an account with hungrygowhere just to share my experience with everyone..

* Dirty, unhygienic kitchen staff that caused food poisoning the next day and im thinking if I should report them to HPB..

* Stay away from this place if you are looking for real solid Korean food. the quality of food taste is just like hawker korean food and most real koreans-owned restaurants serve free cold barley tea

* I believe this is not a real Korean owned restaurant.



Food is below average. Seafood bean curd soup tasted so plain and the seafood were not fresh. We found hair in our soup…

Tea cost like $1.99 (freeflow) to compare to a real Korean /Japanese restaurant for free or at most $1



way below average.. Young inexperienced ground staff



- Quiet with no background music, narrow and so quiet that you could hear everyone’s conversation.

- Kitchen staff (think mainland Chinese) was singing, whistling, stomping his feet on the floor like drum…

- we heard Kitchen staff sneezed with a loud “HA-Cheww…” you know how its like if you hear the “chewww”.. I feel so disgusted..

- Dirty waste/rubbish trolley was literally right infront of customer tables…. Geez.... just hide it somewhere right..



08 Mar 2014 • 55 reviews • 1 follower

Slow Service with Not too bad Food

Read my full reviews with pictures.

The place is quite crowded considering we went there for dinner before 6pm.The service was slow and they look short handed. We had wait for quite some time to get our bill. I think some of the staff couldn’t understand English too. The side dishes were quite so so. A lot of the other restaurants fare better than them at this.

13 Aug 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Rudest staff member ever

I tried on three occasions to eat at this restaurant. First time missed final order by 5 minutes and was turned away, second time went to book for ten family members and was told no bookings, third time arrived with family to be turned away and all by the same rude person who said they were the manager. Well clearly if this is the case it is sad that poor service makes me never want to eat at your restaurant chain ever. I encourage people not to support rude people and stay away from this restaurant.

Amazing that a small restaurant in the food court could help us with far less space than Seoul Yummy. Shame on your poor service.

21 Dec 2011 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Seoul Yummy, not yummy at all.

Not my first visit at Seoul Yummy. The food was worth the value with great variety. Therefore, brought my family for dinner since it was my mum's birthday.

Overall, I have no complains for food. However, the service went from bad to horrendous.

The first experience was not totally wonderful. However, I think the menu was suitable to bring a family with old folks and kids, as they do offer non-spicy dishes.

Secondly, they don't seem to be very crowded even on a Friday evening at 7pm.

I was greeted by the staff after waiting for some time, and i requested for table of 5. The staff told me to wait for a moment and came back telling me, can he add on a chair to a table of 4? I hesitated for a moment, due to my previous experience. (I went with 2 of my friends 3months ago, the food we ordered has lardy filled the table to the max.) I was afraid that the table was too small for the amt of food ordered with regards to 5 people squeezing. However, the staff told me they are fully booked, no other tables available. When we went in, I could say that the restaurant was occupied at only 30%.

I made a remark to my mum saying that I hope the food we order can accommodate to the table size. I was stunned when the male staff that brought us to the table replied my comment from a distance away. He said: If there is table, i sure give you. (in a unhappy tone) I do not mean to make things difficult for him. However, his reply was totally unexpected to a customer.

We ordered: 2sets (which is 6 dishes) and Ginseng Chiken set, rice cakes, BBQ set. It was obvious that the table was really too small. And we were trying to squeeze the dishes till there was not even enough place for out bowls and utensils.

When the food was all served, my mum mentioned to the waitress that the table was really too small for all the food. The waitress tried to brush us off by arranging the dishes a little. It was a unexpected unpleasant dinner.

19 Feb 2011 • 11 reviews • 2 followers

Not So-Yummy Sam Gye Tang

My date and I were walking around Clarke Quay for dinner and we finally settled on Seoul Yummy @ The Central. Both of us ordered Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup which came with brown rice, roasted barley tea and 6 side dishes (kimchi, myulchi etc). Service was excellent and our table was punctiliously prepared with our utensils, drinks and side dishes as we walked in.

I found their ginseng chicken soup satisfactory (my first time eating it anyway), but it didn't really appeal to my Korean dining partner. As compared to the authentic Sam Gye Tang in Korea, he claimed that the soup's a disappointment. Apparently, the ginseng wasn't soaked long, the chicken was as small as a quail and the glutinous rice stuffing could be better. Nevertheless, both of us agreed that the brown rice was pleasant to the taste and complemented the soup.