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Review for Seoul Yummy (The Central)


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Address: #03-92, The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 059817
21 Dec 2011 • 3 Reviews • 0 Follower

Seoul Yummy, not yummy at all.

Not my first visit at Seoul Yummy. The food was worth the value with great variety. Therefore, brought my family for dinner since it was my mum's birthday.

Overall, I have no complains for food. However, the service went from bad to horrendous.

The first experience was not totally wonderful. However, I think the menu was suitable to bring a family with old folks and kids, as they do offer non-spicy dishes.

Secondly, they don't seem to be very crowded even on a Friday evening at 7pm.

I was greeted by the staff after waiting for some time, and i requested for table of 5. The staff told me to wait for a moment and came back telling me, can he add on a chair to a table of 4? I hesitated for a moment, due to my previous experience. (I went with 2 of my friends 3months ago, the food we ordered has lardy filled the table to the max.) I was afraid that the table was too small for the amt of food ordered with regards to 5 people squeezing. However, the staff told me they are fully booked, no other tables available. When we went in, I could say that the restaurant was occupied at only 30%.

I made a remark to my mum saying that I hope the food we order can accommodate to the table size. I was stunned when the male staff that brought us to the table replied my comment from a distance away. He said: If there is table, i sure give you. (in a unhappy tone) I do not mean to make things difficult for him. However, his reply was totally unexpected to a customer.

We ordered: 2sets (which is 6 dishes) and Ginseng Chiken set, rice cakes, BBQ set. It was obvious that the table was really too small. And we were trying to squeeze the dishes till there was not even enough place for out bowls and utensils.

When the food was all served, my mum mentioned to the waitress that the table was really too small for all the food. The waitress tried to brush us off by arranging the dishes a little. It was a unexpected unpleasant dinner.

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$126 for 5 pax
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