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Up Mr Up
 • 24 Jul 2012 111 reviews 1 follower
Serangoon Gardens Bakery and Confectionery is located in the Serangoon Gardens Market and Food Centre (store 45). Check out the photos:

The bakery is the only shop selling bread and you can see the long line of customers. It is interesting that the bakery sells very traditional bread, unlike the modern breads found in shopping centres. Traditional breads like luncheon meat bread, ham and cheese, sambal bread, kaya bread, yam paste and many kinds. All the breads costs less than $1, pretty cheap. The bread are nice and warm which is important. Mrupupup bought the tuna bread and luncheon meat bread. All is nice for the breads!

I also recommend this place for:
Brunch, Lunch, Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Vibrant/Noisy, Breakfast

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