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$54 based on 246 submissions
Dinner (71 votes), Live Band (64 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (63 votes) ...

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant you will find the most authentic Spanish flavours and culture with a feature of Spanish live music and flamenco dance.

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Suckling Pig
Suckling Pig
Cochinillo Asado -  Spanish style roasted suckling pig (whole)
with brown sauce and tomato jam
Cochinillo Asado - Spanish style roasted suckling pig (whole) with brown sauce and tomato jam

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Overall RatingBased on 247 reviews
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Revisiting for scrumptious Spanish fare

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 611

I shall not go into details about the concept - authentic Spanish fare in a serene, Mediterranean setting and polite staff. Lots of artifacts line the inside of the restaurant, and there is a huge alfresco area for those who prefer Sentosa's sea view.

The Paella Valenciana (SGD$53.00), serves 3-4 pax, and requires cooking time of about 30 - 45 minutes - is made up of saffron, chicken, chorizo, tiger prawns, squids, mussels and bomba rice. It was aromatic with saffon's distinctive spicy pierce, and rather tasty of crustacean goodness - I would've preferred it more crispy and dry in texture.

Next, the star of the night, which we had to order at least a day in advance with 50% paid deposit - the Chonchinillo Asado (SGD$338.00) aka Suckling Pig - we ordered the whole pig and it could be shared between 6-8 persons. The crispy suckling pig came with roast potatoes on the side, as well as 3 types of sauces.  Having been marinated with sherry wine, white wine, herbs and vinegar and slowly roasted for 6 hours, the suckling pig was tender on the inside and fragrant with infusion of wine and herbs into its flesh. The skin was so crackling good that it was being sliced through using merely a plate

Finally, homemade Spanish Churros (SGD$10.80) served with hot chocolate. Instead of being light and crispy, this one was doughy and somewhat too solid for our liking.

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A great gathering place

Total Reviews: 147

If you are looking for a nice place with good view with good live band with delicious food and drinks, this is the place to be. Its located in vivo city just beside the pathway by the sea view. They have live band and twice that I was there, I enjoyed their food and environment. Price is on the slightly pricy range. However, this is a good place to have gathering with friends. Any of the dishes are nice. After dinner, you and your friends can seat back and relax, have drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and chat. The live band can be a little loud and hence, if you want to chat, you will need to request to seat further away.

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I've had much better....

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

As a food lover, I'm into recommending, experimenting and being recommended of restaurants and cuisines.
 Here's one of my disappointing recommendations for you guys in Singapore-
 Do not eat at Serenity restaurant at Vivocity. Not only has their quality gone down, but the exorbitant prices are no match to the taste.
 To top it off, as a Spanish tapas joint, their Valencia paella is horrible- laden with turmeric, undercooked with stale seafood and chicken and grossly overpriced ($70 for a small plate for two). Not to mention, when we complained, they insisted that's what a paella tastes like and were extremely rude for pointing out a disappointing meal.
 So please save yourself your hard earned dollars and try out other places; Catalunya at Collyer Quay for instance is awesome (they serve traditional Spanish dishes with a twist and decently priced).

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Spanish Style Roasted Suckling Pig

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 348

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Cochinillo Asado ($338) Spanish style roasted suckling pig - whole. Good for 5 to 8 pax. Served with the au jus from the pig, brown sauce, tomato jam and potatoes. The suckling pig are roasted as whole and served as a whole. Like other traditional Spanish restaurant ritual, the suckling pig will be cut using saucer to show the crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the meat. Normally, the saucer dispose by breaking it on the floor. In Serenity, the guest will be invited to break the plate in the bin with a stone in the middle. A nice ritual.

The skin is the paper thin crispy skin and flavourful. The meat are juicy and succulent. The best way to eat the meat dipped in au jus (broth from roasting) and brown sauce. As Serenity uses European Suckling Pig, there was a hint of boar taint in the pig.

While we waited for Cochinillo Asado to be ready, we started with some tapas. Pulpo a la Gallega ($19.80). Grilled Spanish Octopus (directly imported) garnished with paprika, flake salt and extra virgin olive oil on a bed of potato.

Salteado De Coles De Bruselas Con Jamon Serrano ($18.80). Sautéed Brussels Sprout With Serrano Ham. One of the vegetable that I missed from my time in Australia. Looks like a miniature cabbage, it has a strong bitter taste. By the cooking with Serrano Ham, the bitterness was reduce substantially. A good dish indeed.

After we finished with the suckling pig, we had Paella Valenciana (Valencian Paella - $53). The flavour of the Paella rice is very robust, derived from the stock used. The Spanish Chorizo intensified the flavour in the dish compare to the mild flavour of the seafood. I find the rice is a bit overcooked, as Paella rice was supposed to be al-dente texture instead of soft.

Since we all have stuffed ourself silly with the main and tapas, we decided to order the Churros ($10.80) to try. It is part crispy, chewy or doughy and the chocolate sauce was thin but without a solid chocolate flavour in it. Lucky we only order one, and the dessert is definitely not worth the price. Give this dish a miss.

The décor of Serenity is similar to the traditional houses in Spain, as been shown in the food and travel channel (I have not been to Spain yet). Service is very lacklustre. While we received a cheerful welcome by the receptionist, it was followed with grumpy, uptight and uninterested service style by the manager inside. However it turned for the better, when the suckling pig came out. He mellowed down and very informative about the suckling pig and its ritual. Well, I just chalked it down to him having a bad day.

Overall, it was definitely an experience to remember. It was a great fun with great company. For a pig lover, a Spanish Style Sucking Pig is a must try as it has a different texture compare to the Cantonese Suckling Pig. Cheers!! Aclamaciones!! 

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