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 • 22 May 2014 296 reviews 2 followers
This is a lovely place with a very Mediterranean furnishing, lots of comforting blues amongst ivory whites, and ancient artifacts adorning the restaurant. The ambience is very relaxing, and sultry Spanish music invites one to simply unwind and chill out.
One could choose to dine in cool comfort indoors, or choose to be caressed by the (sea) breezes while dining alfresco, listening to the live band at the same time. The outdoors is just as enchanting as the indoors.
Four of us started the meal with a tapas of  Salteado de Setas - sauteed mixed mushrooms with garlic and extra virgin olive oil (SGD$12.80) while waiting, since the main courses we ordered to share would take 30 minutes' preparation time. The mushrooms were very tender and basking in the sapid flavors of garlic and olive oil. It was a very tasty dish that became rather salty towards the end.
Our 1/4 Portion of Serenity's Spanish Suckling Pig - Babi Culing Spanyol - (SGD$138.00), meant for 1-2 persons, finally arrived. It was a platter together with sauteed radish and two types of sausages - pork and chicken. The sausages were pretty average in their bouncy texture and saltish taste, but it was the Suckling Pig that left us swooning.  It was so tender that a plate could cut it up; it was succulent and juicy, yet the skin was not compromised on its crispy factor at all. Now we finally knew what the fuss was about Spanish suckling pigs - every bite was divine.
Finally, our giant platter of Arroz Negro Paella - Spanish rice with squid ink, squid, tiger prawns, mussels, capsicums and rice (SGD$106.00) - came to be shared by 3-4 persons. The rice was chewy and very tasty having been cooked in good broth. The seafood items were all fresh and succulent - especially the sweet and springy tiger prawns. The slightly charred taste added to the flavor of this dish.
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I spent $90 per person.

Must tries: tapas, paella, Spanish Suckling Pig, cocktails

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After Work, Chillout, Dinner, Lunch
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