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(Closed) Shabu-hana Japanese Restaurant


Located along Mohamed Sultan Road, Shabu-hana Japanese Restaurant is an established restaurant specialising in shabu shabu.Shabu-hana provides a relaxing dining ambiance with many japanese influences for its decor. Its menu features fresh, high-quality ingredients such as Wagyu shabu shabu and Kurobuta Pork shabu shabu.

Mon - Sun: 18:00 - 23:00

Last order: 10:15pm
+65 62358216
$74 based on 10 submissions
Dinner (7 votes), Private Dining (6 votes), Business Dining (5 votes)

Fine dinning

A pleasant dinning Japanese restaurant.

Good for entertainment or weekend family dinner.

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Based on 10 votes
10 Jan 2012 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Our 15th anniversary - expensive and boring

I am a lover of shabu shabu and was googling for a good authentic japanese shabu shabu restaurant. It came out a few choices and we decided to go for this one after reading the review here.


We ordered Australian Wagyu (beware, the japanese Wagyu costs double the price) and Kurobota pork shabu shabu

To our dismay, the portion is really really stingy.

For those who eat a lot, mind you, there are only about 6 thin slices of Wagyu beef. The portion for Kurobota pork is more reasonable.

Although I must admit, both types of meat is soft and tender.


Lack of variety (cabbages, shredded carrot, shredded leek, shimeiji mushrooms, glass noodles and mind you - 4 pcs of tofu)

As the portion is very very stingy, and did not include any staple, do order rice or ramen to fill up the rest of your stomach.

Sauces/ dip:

Ponzu and the sesame peanut paste dip - honestly speaking, my verdict: I can easily get better quality and tastier ones at Mediya supermarket.


Be careful if you are not a strong alcoholic drinker - the plum wine contains 25% of alcohol! It was masked by the sweetness of plum that I couldn't tell that it was THAT strong, until I felt the heat on my face.

Side dishes:

I ordered Natto - as it is an acquired taste - my hubby did not enjoy. The grilled Ika was miserable - Waraku / Nanbantei serve better ones.


$$$$ - costly meal

$52 for Wagyu set and $58 for Kurobota set

Including drinks and side dishes + service charges and taxes, the bill came up to be about $176 for 2 person.


Not consistent. Some waitresses have more initiatives and are more pro-active than others. Overall, I think this is a very cost saving restaurant.

Shabu Shabu
30 Aug 2010 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Fine dinning

A pleasant dinning Japanese restaurant.

Good for entertainment or weekend family dinner.

16 Aug 2009 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

Great dinner but still hungry

I ordered the wagyu beef set meal and the food was excellent including the fresh ramen noodles. However I have to admit that the beef was so thinly sliced that I was starving an hour after my dinner. If you come here for dinner I recommend you order a rice dish afterwards as a filler.
26 May 2009 • 68 reviews • 11 followers

Like Shabushabu for Sauce?

One of my favourite book is Like Chocolate for Water. Other than the sinful recipes which interlink the storyline, there is something romantic and heart-wrenching when the male protagonist married the sister of his love one just to be near her. I found myself largely similar to him when it comes to EATING! I love a certain brewery not for the beer but the pork knuckle. I love hotplate anything not for the meat but the spring onion and ginger. I love Japanese food not for the shashimi nor ramen nor sushi but for the wasabi! It is much to the disgust of my friends to see how I drenched everything in the green paste. Shabuhana is the first - first Japanese restaurant which I left without touching the wasabi (can't even remembered if it exist on my table)!

Special Wagyu Shabusabu (apprx $50) - Is very very good! The beef thinnly sliced to perfection and you can see fat distributed evenly throughout. As usual I quickly zoomed into the fattiest piece possible and did the customary 3 swipes in the soup. The beef came up tender and the taste of just-cooked fat is like butter. The beef was heavenly by itself. My friend urged me to dip the sliced beef into ponzu sauce, the sour and slight spicy tinge of the sauce acted as an excellent distraction especially if you are getting bored after a few slices. But do try the beef by itself first. There is also the peanut and sesame sauce which is yummy as well.

The kurobuta pork shabushabu (with a sauce that tasted like the ponzu one with additional gingery elements) is good too so go with a few people and share everything. My friend and I had a good time "play cooking" and the evening passed quickly. I will go back to Shabuhana again for this is the only place so far that I don't get dagger stares from the service staff for spoiling good Japanese cuisine with loads of wasabi.
04 May 2009 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Really impressed.

Went to Shabu Hana on a friend's recommendation and was really pleased with the quality of the meal - the meat was very tasty, the vegetables were fresh and the option to create a risotto-style rice dish at the end was something that I have only ever seen done in Japan - and it's one of my favourite things about nabe/shabu shabu.

Shabu Hana's atmosphere was good - we were in our own room so could make noise without fear of annoying the neighbours. The service was second to none - again what you would expect in Tokyo which was no surprise as the main waitress was Japanese and clearly knew how to look after her guests.

About the place, the only complaint would be the bathroom. Up some tight stairs and then very cramped.

In general, the only thing to bear in mind is the cost. We drank a few beers and had some sake and the bill came to just over $100 per person. That said, judging by the quality of the produce, this was imported and hence the higher price. Would we return to Shabu Hana - yes, but probably only on a special occasion!