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Shabuya Shabu Shabu features Japanese Hot-pot. The restaurant is built on various floor levels allowing diners to enjoy the view of the waterfront facing Sentosa. Shabuya offers a comprehensive menu that incorporates the all-time favorites as well as the restaurant signature items and good value-for-money pricing policy.

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Good Qualilty Food but Poor Quality Drinks & Service

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 11

Stumbled upon the restaurant by chance when my hubby and I were deciding to do a post-Vday makan session. They had a promotion for Weekend Brunch at $36.90 Shabu Shabu buffet with free flow drinks. I thought the deal sounded good esp since it included Sashimi. You've got to finish it within 2 hours which was ok but they were a bit slow to start off.

So you have a choice between Shabu or BBQ and we chose the former since it was healthier and I crave shabu always. You get individual pot with only Shoyu soup base (which had ajinomoto cos I was thirsty after lunch but can't expect no MSG in restaurants nowadays) and quite a wide selection of food to order for your Shabu Shabu. 

The most disappointing for me was the drinks option which consisted of honey-lemon water; very diluted green tea (tasted like water with coloring) and soft drinks (which is actually only soft drink without 's' - mountain dew without ice). No coke, no sprite, zilch. Their hot green tea suspciously tasted like oolong tea.

The food however was good quality selection which included Wagyu beef, angus beef, tiger prawns (fresh!), clams, snapper slices, shimeiji mushrooms, homemade fish paste (nice!) among others. The sashimi had only 4 options but was fairly up to standard (almost like Ichiban standard) like the tuna, swordfish and salmon. Ice cream was so-so, cheap type. The only other gripe I have would probably be the variety of vegetables and the quantity of vegetables (I was given like 4 slices of leek and had to keep ordering to get more).

Service was not fantastic. I wouldn't expect it to be anyway but they could at least work without a sour face. It wasn't even THAT crowded.

My regret was not trying the tempura and deep fried selection but i was too full and we didn't want to waste food. So we ended up very fully with 0 food wastage and proud of it.

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Cockroach Dining At Next Table

Food/Drink 3| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Terrible, no one to greet at the door although reservation was made.  Sunday evening and the restaurant was not busy, music too loud to carry on a conversation.  staff extremely inattentive, nearest occupied table literally had to shout and I mean shout aggressively for attention from the restaurant staff.  Ask questions to the staff and the information was not forth coming nor was there an attempt to obtain it.  Floor manager where?  If it was the lady with the large bowtie, her demeanor was not consumer friendly at all.  Bill was presented although I did not ask for it so they were obviously rushing us out.  We were not asked whether we cared for dessert, but we had chosen the buffet and dessert was included.  Cocokroach crawling on the floor next to the table and staff could not kill it, some ran away, another tried to sweep it alive in to dustpan where it ran away.  It is still there alive as of last evening.  The dining experience was an absolute failure.

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Bad service and low quality for Groupon $35 buffet

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

We bought the  Groupon voucher, overall service that we received was disappointing.


·         1) There were about 4 waiters taking care of 4~6 tables only but is hard to get their attention

·         2) Some items out of order but did not tell us. Example: duck meat, snapper & cheese ball

·         3) Drink was not top up and had to request

·         4) Ala carte order came wrongly

·        5)  Sashimi came without wasabi?? And had to request for it

·         6)Worst part – never check with us for last order at 9.15pm and when we wanted to order and top up of soup base at 9.30pm. There were only a few choices were left and no more soup base~! How to eat like that?!?!!?

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Bad service and low quality buffet.

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Reviews: 121

Even though we bought the voucher from Groupon, the service that we received was unacceptable. Not just the service was bad, the food was not fantastic. Even paying just 50% of the original price, I still don't think it's worth while.

Please reconsider if you're going there.

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