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Great Seasonal Menu

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 4

Was at Shin Kushiya Vivo with my buddies and was really happy to see their new Hokkaido snow crab menu. Something different.. I decided to try something from the seasonal menu, the kani kimuchi nabe udon. It was mouth-watering. The kani was sweet and juicy and the broth was appetizing and delicious. Will definitely be back to try the other Kani dishes. Other than that, we also ordered some kushiyaki for sharing. The meats were good as usual. The entire experience was fulfilling and wholesome.

Service was wonderful and friendly. GREAT!

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Most helpful reviews for Shin Kushiya (Vivocity)

Not worth the price

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Score is an average of 2 visits I made to the outlet.
My first visit was lunch on 4 Sep, 5 pax. I had the Sanshoku Don Set which was average. Items that our group liked were the Ika Kimuchi, beef inaniwa udon and the beer. 
My second visit was dinner on 9 Sep, 2 pax. We entered outlet slightly before 9pm and waiter promptly informed us that last order is at 9:15pm. We placed order for 4 items before 9:15pm: regular premium sashimi moriawase $58, lobster maki $16.20, warm mixed salad $12.20 and yuzu tofu cheese cake $9.20.
Sashimi: other than the 1 oyster that was worth mentioning, the salmon belly and yellowtail were average, surf clam was tasteless (in fact, tasted like just defrosted), and tuna belly was horrible (the edges were not trimmed and instead of melting in your mouth, it was like chewing rubber).
The minute the lobster maki touched our table, one maki fell totally apart. One look at the maki, you lose all appetite. The sushi rice was mushy, like cheap sushi.
Next the warm mixed salad. Bunch of chopped chinese cabbage, 1-2 stalks asparagus, handful cherry tomatoes, half a small eggplant. all blanched in hot water. served with ponzu dressing. 
Finale - the dessert that was served after we settled the bill for register close. This was the ugliest dessert I've ever been served. the sherbet had melted and slided to one side of the plate. the strawberry puree plating turn into a red mess due to the melted sherbet. one strawberry, at corner of plate, cheesecake on another side of plant. complete mess. Taste was average but for $9.20, you'd expect a decent presentation, no? And to top it off, as we were halfway through the dessert, a waitress walks by our table and says "we are closing in 5 min". You'd think she checked when the dessert was served before she came over.
I only took 1 picture of the ugliest dessert cos it was just horrible that the restaurant thinks it's ok to serve customers as it is. The total bill came up to $117.45. I'd be happier with a $2 cheeseburger.

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Japanese food-try

Total Reviews: 147

There was a 50% off second lunch set promotion happening now, it’s a super good deal. Even without it, the salmon Don is one of the cheaper ones you can find in Singapore. There is a good variety of Japanese barbeque you can choose from. You can also have choice of curry salt or plum salt to go with the skewer food. I feel the plum salt is better as it does not overpower the taste of food. Ambience is great and service crew is one of the friendliest.  Price is average but good for price to pay for the quality of food. 

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Great Dining Place!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 7

Went to Shin Kushiya for dinner with the usual bunch of colleagues few weeks ago on a Friday night.
 Oh boy, I must say that beside the great company, the food is so yummy too!
 Some of the dishes which i would recommend:
 - Skewers (we ordered a variety for the six of us, but my favourites are the homemade chicken meatballs, golden mushrooms wrapped with sliced pork, cherry tomatoes wrapped with sliced beef, rice with spicy codfish roe) - all the ingredients used were very fresh and they are all cooked to perfection!
 - Bluefin sea robbin in sashimi style (Seasonal item)
 - Flamed salmon sashimi maki
 - Lobster maki
 - Cold Somen
 - Deep fried thin udon with wasabi mayonnaise (which all of us couldn't stop munching!)
 I can see myself going back soon to try out the other food, and definitely a good place for gatherings too.
 Lastly, thumbs up to the service even though the restaurant was always flooded with customers at any point of the time.

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New season menu!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 76

I was told there is a new season menu for April. So here I am and all ready to try this Houbou fush aka bluefin sea robbin. and what is the best way to eat a fish in Japanese style? Sashimi and grilled!
 when the fish was served in sashimi style. It has a fresh and mild sweetness taste to it. But it is the grilled style which I like the most. Slightly grilled skin and all white flesh Give the heavenly texture and sweet taste in my mouth. Themail best part about having the fish here it is they all fresh frown from Japan.
 Since I am here, I will not missed the chance to oder some of the famous Yakitori. There so many variety of choices. When they serve those Yakitori in a long plat. It is not only visually appealing but also make me very happy.
 There are many different type of choice. the one that I like the most are pork belly, chicken, fish, bacon wrap and cherry tomat that pop in your mouth. What anice experience.
 Maki roll are another highlight on that day dinner. The black dragon roll was really good. served with unagi and prawn. You will never go wrong with these combo.
 Another thing that really cheer me up was the drinks. I had a drink that the pearls are not normal pearls. Those pearlo will pop in your mouth. those are yakut pearls. Now how did they do that?
 The overall experience were great. Especially dining with bunch of good friends. I am sure to be back with my family next time.

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New Menu at Shin Kushiya

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

This is my second visit to this restaurant. I was previously surprised by the wide offering, so I came back again.

Since my last visit, the menu has been revamped. There are new additions to the menu and I ordered a few items from their new menu to try:

- Houbou Sashimi: $39.80. This was Bluefin Sea Robin Sashimi that’s been imported directly from Japan. After we had finished the sashimi, the staff made soup with the fish bones. The soup was clear soup and has a slightly sweet taste. Its nice.

 - Houbou Shioyaki: $48.80. Char-grilled sea robin with sea salt. The same fish as mentioned earlier but its now grilled with salt. The fish is nice and tender. I like the crispy parts of the fish skin/ fins. Those parts were a tad salty due to the salt.

- Black Dragon Maki: $17.80. Deep fried prawn sushi roll topped with sliced unagi, a dollop of mayonnaise and ebi roe. I love the unagi and the mayonnaise. Its nice, and I will order it again.

- Volcano Maki: $15.80. Deep fried maki with crab meat, salmon and unagi. This was interesting. A rolled maki that’s been cut to pieces and then coated with batter and deep fried. The batter is light, similar to tempura batter and it gave a nice unique texture to the maki. Its drizzled with sweet black sauce and mayonnaise and topped with ebi roe.

- Subuta: $11.80. Japanese style Sweet & Sour Pork. This is is very similar to the Chinese ‘Ko Lo Yoke’. The pork pieces are coated with flour and deep fried before it’s stir-fried with mixed vegetables – egg plane, capsicum, carrots and mushrooms. It’s nice. Portion is good for sharing.

- Buta Shioyaki: Char-grilled pork belly in sweet sauce and topped with fried minced garlic. Sliced pork belly nicely laid out on a serving plate. Its good. Personally, I would have preferred the pork belly to be more thinly sliced, which will make each bite perfect!

- Saba Misoni: $8.80. Braised Japanese mackerel in miso sauce. I am not usually a fan of saba fish, as most of the time its grilled and too dry for my liking. However, I loved this very much, as its steamed and then served atop Chinese spinach vegetables with a nice miso dressing. Its good. Must-order!

The new menu items are good and I like the food in the new menu.

Overall, a good meal and I will be back again with my family.

Try it!

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