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This cosy and elegant restaurant offers a modern ambience in which to enjoy an age-old cuisine - Persian food. Try one of the full-flavoured Persian stews or signature charcoal-grilled kebabs, and complement your meal with something from the extensive wine list.

Mon - Thu: 18:30 - 23:00

Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 15:00

Fri - Sat: 18:30 - 02:30

Sun: 16:30 - 02:30

$56 based on 6 submissions

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Based on 6 votes
Free bread and cheese, but $2 for a glass of water?  I'd rather have the water!!!
03 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

$2 for a glass of tap water!!

Stopped by to have an early dinner the other day and was pleased to see they had ghormeh sabzi, one of my favourites, which I ordered with a beer and a glass of tap water.

The meal arrived (the ghormeh sabzi IS delicious, really) as did the beer, but no water. I asked for it again and the waitress said she couldn't give me a glass of tap water. I asked for the manager who was totally unsympathetic, bordering on rude and refused to yield despite a lengthy, surreal discussion (They'll give me complementary bread and cheese but no water?!).

I insisted on a glass of tap water (vs the $7 bottle) and he charged me $2 for it! After paying $54 for a single entree and a beer(!) he charges me extra for the tap water!

Besides the extra expense of bottled water, there's the obvious feeling of being ripped off if there are no alternatives, not to mention that bottled water is regarded as a totally unnecessary environmental waste, especially here in Singapore.

Totally spoiled what was otherwise a delicious, but expensive meal. Very, very disappointing. I will not be going back until they change that customer-hostile policy. (Sounds like they don't care anyway, judging by the other comments below!). You have been warned.
02 Sep 2013 • 47 reviews • 1 follower


you read that right. imagine a guy digging his hands into a coin train then making your food with the same hands. Yup, that happened to me. He did have a glove, but it was on his other hand (lol). 

Now i noticed they had a feedback email so i took the trouble to email the manager informing them. Never got a reply. Looks like it was just for show like the "belly dances" they sexualise untastefully for the tourists.

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27 Aug 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Overpriced Gaudy Tourist Spot. Run far, far away.

Food was very mediocre - lots of oil and not much flavour. Certainly not worth the $35+ dollars each entree was priced at. They just heaped an innappropriately large amount of plain white rice on each plate as some sort of attempt to make you think you're getting your money's worth.
Service staff were inattentive, awkward and slow.
All of this was topped off by the spectacle of a gyrating belly dancer appearing every 20 minutes accompanied by deafeningly loud and abrasive music - we had to yell at one another across the table in order to carry on a conversation. 

I think we would all be better off leaving this institution to be patronised by bewildered tourists without tastebuds looking for a kitshy & inauthentic cabare-style show. There is way too much good food all over the rest of Singapore to waste a single meal dining here.
22 Jul 2009 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Try this one and you will not be disappointed

I went to this place yesterday lunck time and found that the food was nice and very authentic. Give it a go and check it out.