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great place for pork or chicken

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we ordered large plate of pork and large plate of chicken. in addition, pork based collegen steam boat with extra set of udon and extra set of mushrooms. we went as a group of 4 people so we were quite hungry. as a small top up, we ordered ormelete with spicy roe. the steam boat is very delicous and they provide free top up of soup base. couple with a cup of hot tea, it was splendid. i love the chicken on hot plate plus the healthy steam boat. after a nice meal , if you are looking for a place to chill with friends, you can order the various types of mocktail , beer or cocktail. try to make a reservation before coming.

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Not worth the hype.

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
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Went last Friday night with my collegues, However the dining experience wasn't kinda up to the standard with the kind of amount they charging.

Was greeted by their managers, japanese staffs and their kitchen staffs upon arriving to that place and it's was overwhelming and it was followed by the kitchen staffs was we're lead towards the upper deck of the building.
We got sat down very quickly even without a reservation, was given ample time to read the menu. while flipping thru the menu, i noticed a cockroach running across the floor and on top of the sliding door. We placed our order and that's where the nightmare starts. the Drinks took 20 minutes to served and some of the food took like almost 40-50minutes to served.

7kinds of  assorted Sashimi $59.80
The sashimi is rather fresh except the scallops, its seems dried.

Broiled Pickled Mackeral Fish $20 (Must try)
My favourite among all. it has no fishy smell and it had a nice aroma instead. But it's quite expensive..... for $20/fish

Avocada and Seafood Salad with Hyaluronic jelly $20.80 (Avoid!!)
Overpriced!! the seafood on the salad is so miserable, 2 small chucks of tuna, 3 thinly sliced scallops, 3 thinly sliced salmon and a bunch of soon to rot vegetables and that miserable lump of jelly.

Sliced Tomato with salted rice malt Dressing and Hyaluronic $9.80
Overpriced!! the tomatoes shown on the menu are totally different, they're using local tomatoes instead of heirloom tomatoes shown on menu.

Deep fried Special Chicken with tartar sauce $12.80
The Tartar sauce taste rather eggy, Not as healthy as i thought it will be since they're promoting health benefits food.

"Kurobuta" BBQ Pork $10.80 (Must try)
it's only 6 small piece of meat but's it's rather flavourful but it makes me wonder why "kurobuta"? what's with that "" ?

Charcoal-Grilled "kurobuta Pork and Chicken
We had both and i prefered the pork more than the chicken but it's not very good though and it takes 40 minutes to actually served on my table.

Grilled Salmon Head $14.80 (avoid!!)
This takes almost an hour to reach my table, Not really delicious.

Super Large size Pork Cutlet with Cheese. $22.80 (Avoid!!)
30cm!! MY FOOT! it's more like 20cm, the skweker is 30cm though.
The Cheese just taste disgusting and i'm very sure there's MSG in it!

Healthy and Beauty Hotpot $38.80
it comes with collagen and japanese yam to mixed it the soup, Love this dish but it seems like the stock is filled with MSG as well.

Kurobuta and Kimchi Hotpot $38.80
Prefered this more than the Health and Beauty hotpot but this definately contains lots of MSG and i kept drinking my beer after sipping the soup.

Stir fried Noodles Omelette $13.80
Average but not really keen on noodles,however the noodles taste rather like instant noodles.

Omelette with spicy roe sauce $8.80
Interesting sauce but the omelette seems rather dry instead of moist.  This takes 30minutes to reached my table.

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We should not believe HGW ratings

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

so I booked a table for 4 for my family this evening and they seated us upstairs in a booth.
1. you had to walk past their dirty kitchen on the way up.
2. upstairs: there was a rancid smell of something rotting.
3. iPads were the only way you could order. we tried 4 iPads and they couldn't work.
4. we repeatedly had to go downstairs to call for someone to take our order. 
5. they price a chicken hotpot for 2 at $98

if you want to save on manpower by removing waiting staff and replacing them with iPads - at least have working iPads or an alternative. this was truly a terrible and disappointing experience. how are they 78% positive on HGW? either HGW reviewers have like poor service and high prices or these reviews are mostly false advertising.

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Nice place to chill out

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

I was out with a few colleagues that night and was looking for a place to chill out, every place was kind of full and we had a hard time looking for a place for a drink and we chance upon this Jap restaurant and decided to check it out. The place ambience was fine, it wasn't that hot even though we were in the smoking area open concept base. Looking around us, no one ordered the beer tower so we thought we will give it a go, even though it cost 80 bucks for one tower but still at the ambience and coming with a group it was affordable. The place was a little squeeze I thought cause I was sitting at the side so if I were to go to the gent two of my colleagues have to stand up and give way. The food was alright as told by my colleagues, we order two finger food, one was the sweet fried chicken wing and the other was the fried chicken pieces that had a sour touch in it. Overall we spent 150 bucks there which was 30 bucks per person including the drinks, so overall it was worth while. To say if I were to recommend it, I will, but not an everyday basis, probably once a month.

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good place to chill

Total Reviews: 4

nice beer nice food good place to chill friendly stuff you shall try the frozen beer nice chicken wing

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