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Review for Japanese Healthy Dining Shirokiya (Cuppage Terrace)


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15 May 2014 • 78 Reviews • 2 Followers

Healthy Japanese Food

For drink, I have its famous Krin's frozen draft beer ($9++), which has ice like foam on top. It tastes icy and refreshing especially when one is sitting in the open air area. There is also in door air-con area, but is full for reservation, so that why we are sitting outside in the open air area. There is a huge television with football match programmes on the screen. With such great beer, it will be a great place to enjoy watching football matches in this place.

Freshly made hot tofu served with Fish stock ($7.80++)
Its tofu is freshly made every hour from 6.30pm. The server scoops the hot tofu out into a bowl from a wooden box. Topped with fish stock, chopped spring, ginger, and dried Bonito flakes, the tofu just melts in the mouth. The tofu is very soft, softer than the usual sweet beancurd which we usually have for dessert.

For main, we share a Chicken and Vegetables served in Tomato Soup Hot Pot ($38.80++). For additional topping, we have Porridge of Rice and Vegetables set ($5++), which turns out to be a small plate of rice, a raw egg and some chopped spring onions. I feel a bit cheated by the word 'Vegetables", especially I have asked a couple of staffs before ordering, but they could not answer me.

The tomato soup is very tasty. The melted cheese in the soup, makes it even tastier, especially for one who like cheese very much. The prawns are quite fresh and juicy. The vegetables are full of flavour of the soup.

Overall it is quite a tasty meal, but we have quite a difficult time of getting the attention of the staff. I have to wait quite sometimes for my bill. They seem to be a bit short handed.
Must Tries
Freshly made hot tofu
Average Spend
$70 for 2 pax
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