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 • 22 Jul 2014 218 reviews 29 followers
Kudos to the folks of HGW & Mandarin Orchard for including me at the table

This new establishment is helmed by a 3rd generation iron chef, Japanese national who hails from a lineage of Szechuan culinary in all of Japan, and this is their 1st joint outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. Shisen Hanten roosts atop Mandarin Orchard at Level 35, offers diners the view of the shopping belt along Orchard Road.

The chic interior design & décor offers the ambience of a luxurious dining environment, and attention to detail makes it friendly for wheelchair.

The chef & his crew pride themselves in delivering true to the taste Szechuan cuisine and sprinkle some touches of Japanese culinary techniques to up the game for diners.

In case you’re wondering what good chili & spice does? Chili is a rich source of vitamin-C while the acidity may cause burning discomfort in the oral region. Ironically, the body craves for more of the prickly sensation. The spice factor increases heart rate, unlocks the sweat glands, reduces the body temperature and has a doze of detoxifying influence too.

I’d consider it a trip to the sauna without having to disrobe.

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蒜泥牛肉 (garlic beef) in my opinion ranks high on my to-eat-list, but that’s only because I’m a meatarian, and we thank God for beef.

紅油雲白肉 (chili oil pork) the thin sliced pork belly glistening in chili oil looks feisty, but is actually very gentle on the tongue & lips.
* Don’t frown at fats since it helps to protect your palates from chili burn

蠔油和牛排 - Stir fried AU wagyu beef sirloin & oyster sauce
This isn’t spicy, but I was on the verge of tears simply because of the texture & taste. If you haven’t seen the menu, you would’ve mistaken it for veal

乾燒龍蝦 - Stir fried Lobster with chili sauce
The Boston lobster is freshly sweet & tender, with the chili sauce combined is sheer goodness. Most will find this pretty manageable, because the halved Lobster dispels the need for any nut-cracking apparatus

陳麻婆豆腐 - “Chen’s Mapo Doufu” Stir-fried tofu in hot Szechwan pepper-flavored meat sauce served with Hokkaido rice
Not to be missed… This is the real Mapo Doufu! Mellowed with the slightly starchy texture of the Hokkaido Rice is by my standards, a meal on its own!

擔擔麺 - Chen's originial spicy soup noodles
Another signature you should indulge in, the ramen technique in-house handmade noodles, served in the sesame base soup can easily be mistaken for some variant of the spicy ramen. Lo & behold, is yet another dish that boasts of its heritage & history long before the ramen variants came about.

In summary, this is a spot you could consider to impress your family, peers & business associates, have a 5 course spice factor lunch or dinner from the top of the shopping belt.

Must tries: 蒜泥牛肉 (garlic beef), 紅油雲白肉 (chili oil pork), 蠔油和牛排 - Stir fried AU wagyu beef sirloin & oyster sauce, 乾燒龍蝦 - Stir fried Lobster with chili sauce, 陳麻婆豆腐 - “Chen’s Mapo Doufu” Stir-fried tofu in hot Szechwan pepper-flavored meat, 擔擔麺 - Chen's originial spicy soup noodles

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