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Jamie W
 • 22 Jul 2014 1 review 0 follower
Dont be fooled by the location and the ultra modern cafer design. This place serve the most authentic thai food in Singapore, even more so than Golden Mile. Everyone on our table has nothing but praise for the food including our guest from Thailand.

The must try dishes are as follow:

Yellow Curry Prawn - The gravy is exactly like the famous somboon crab in Bangkok except that this is done in prawn. I have been thinking of the somboon crab ever since i returned from bangkok 2 weeks back and i am glad that my craving is now satisfied albeit that this is prawn n not crab. I enquired if they can do it for crabs. They said they can but they dont stock up on crabs as they dont have the sales volume to keep live crabs yet and they dont want to sell frozen crabs. They said that we can call up 2 days in advance and they will source the crab for us and whip it up using the yellow curry prawn way. This is what i call excellent service.

Green curry - This is easiest the best green curry i have tasted in Singapore.

Paneang curry - Very rare in Singapore but highly popular in Thailand. Their version is very very close to that i have tasted in Thailand. Extremely delicious. A must try.

As you can see, i am a very curry person. Frankly, the Thais has some of the best curries. One thing which i hope they can do is the thai curry noodle. Slurp slurp.

I spent $25 per person.

Must tries: Yellow Curry Prawns, Paneang Curry Chicken, Green Curry Chicken

I also recommend this place for:
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