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Siam Kitchen (Lot 1)

Siam Kitchen is a restaurant that brings authentic dishes of ancient Siam to young diners with a discerning palate. With a team of bona fide chefs from Thailand, Siam Kitchen offers delicious home-styled Thai cuisine favourites such as Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry and Siam Kitchen Special Mid-Joint Chicken Wings.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

+65 68942936
$17 based on 17 submissions
Dinner (4 votes), After Work (3 votes), Lunch (3 votes)

The Brand New Siam Kitchen

Why I say it is like a brand new Siam Kitchen is because they just do an overhaul to their dining concept.. Seldom of my friends (including me) have took notice of Siam Kitchen in the past.. Until recently...when I saw a brand new look of Siam Kitchen... very nice concept..

Thumbs up to Siam Kitchen for the new revamped look!

The new fitout with its brighter colours has created a comfortable and welcoming ambience. what's gone was the dull wooden frame shop frontage.. The menu was also redesigned to include more pictures of Thai food that appeal to the eyes.. .. all the food descriptions are well-presented .. What's more, the menu has expanded, giving us a wide array of authetic Thai Food...

Food taste great too are very reasonably priced.. Recommend to try!



The HGW community like this place for...

  • Khao Phad Sapparot Talay1 vote
  • Tom Yam Soup Noodle1 vote
Based on 17 votes
14 Mar 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


First time visiting Siam Kitchen on 14/03/13 with my gf for dinner. Food was ok and was served fast. Finished my food called the bill and SERIOUSLY know what? The waitress THREW the bill on my table without saying a word and went to attend another customer. Hello??? I know ya busy but doesnt give you the excuse to throw the bill at your customer??? Worst service I received, will never visit again.
The management of Siam Kitchen responded to this review:
16 Jul 2013
Dear coranyge, a heartfelt thank you goes to you and your partner for visiting us. We are appalled to learn of the deplorable attitude of the waitress in presenting the bill to you. We will be issuing a stern warning to her in lieu of this incident and we hope that this does not encourage you to try our other Siam Kitchen cuisines. Please do come again!
31 Jul 2012 • 2 reviews • 17 followers

Below average

I might be biased because I just returned from a two week holiday in Phuket, where even the most ramshackle food stall makes really tasty Thai food.

But I frequent this place often, out of convenience as I live nearby. Unfortunately, the food here is just not tasty. As such, I have a duty to warn food lovers.

As per my recent takeaway order -

Vegetable tom yum - not tasty, tastes like instant tom yum of some sort.

Massaman curry - very bland, I have tasted way better

Kailan (without the fish) - this one is alright, not too bad

Fried garoupa with chilli dip - nothing to complain, although the chilli dip is rather nondescript

Mango salad - good, I have no complaints.

The management of Siam Kitchen responded to this review:
13 Mar 2013
Dear Aziz Abdul, thank you for your valued patronage. We have made note of your honest feedback on the food items you have tried, particularly, the vegetable tom yum and the massaman curry. Thank you for your time and we hope to be able to serve you again.
18 Jul 2012 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

not bad

- service is good
- had the tom yum seafood soup, delicious and spicy
- salted fish fried rice is alright too
20 Jun 2011 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

Average but Commendable for Fast Service

Click here for photos.

Our overall experience is mediocre but I can applaud the fast and friendly service of this branch. They often have promotions that you can check first. The funny thing about this branch is that the moment you get settled they will put a plate of Kerupuk which I thought was “with compliments” but end up paying for it.

We tried these foods:

Kuey Teow Nuea that claims to be the best in town but I tasted much better beef noodle soup elsewhere.

The Khao Phad Sapparot Talay was commendable as the fried rice was tasty and it will enhance the flavor if you squeeze a lemon on top of it.

The Yang Ruammitr or the Siam-Siam Grill Combo Platter was dry although it said in the menu that it was slow-grilled to keep the moisture. The flavors were still there but it was dry.

21 Apr 2011 • 16 reviews • 42 followers

No Title

Siam Kitchen was very very disappointing.

Tomyum: Tasted very common but even so, happened to be the best dish we ordered

Pad Thai Seafood: Kind tasteless

Kailan: Tasted like they only boiled the veges and poured gravy over it.

Basil Minced Chicken Rice (smthg liddat): Salty

Do not go unless you don't have a choice!