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This chain restaurant prides itself on hiring only cooks from Thailand to prepare home-style favourites such as tom yum soup and green curry. Signature dishes are the braised chicken leg with special sauce, beef in panang curry and deep-fried garoupa.

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Green Curry Paste Fried Rice with Chicken
Green Curry Paste Fried Rice with Chicken
Clear Tom Yum Hor Fun
Clear Tom Yum Hor Fun
Siam Kitchen Grass Jelly Chendol with Azuki Red Beans
Siam Kitchen Grass Jelly Chendol with Azuki Red Beans
Thai Pina Colada
Thai Pina Colada

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Under-rated Authentic Thai Cuisine

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 27

OK, so I wasn't impressed when I tried it last year with friends from Beijing - possibly because they don't eat spicy stuff, and what's good about non-spicy Thai food?

Anyway, was back there last week for dinner with a HK friend whilst shopping, and she was keen to try the set dinner at $14.90. The outlet was pretty quiet for a public holiday night. Friend's set was Tom Yum soup, prawn cake and beef kway-teow soup. I had Tom Yum soup, fish cake and green chicken curry. And I was very impressed!

The soup was superb (I asked for extra spicy and clear tom yum, but the milky version arrived )- it was rich, spicy, tangy, and had sizeable prawns and fish slices and squid. The fish cake and prawn cake were delicious! I love Thai food, and having just had dinner at a downtown Thai restaurant less than a week ago before this, I had to admit these 3 dishes tasted better than that up-market a fraction of the price! The green curry was rich and tasty, and served with rice. We ordered the ice lemongrass tea, which was refreshing, but for $3.90, thought it would be good if it could be refillable? :P Would have loved to try the dessert, but was too stuffed..

The service was commendable - the young waiters seem pretty new but they were helpful and obliging, service with a smile. They were quick to clear our plates and refill our ice-water. When I found out there was a lucky dip promo with ABN-Amro credit cards and requested to change cards, they willingly obliged and cancelled the transaction for the 1st card I offered. There's a sure-win dip - you get a voucher for next return visit. Not sure when the promo ends tho.

Well, I'm definitely gonna bring my friends back here for more tasty authentic Thai fare! :)

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Unique green curry paste fried rice?

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 45

For a more complete review (pictures, prices, etc): CLICK HERE <wait for 5 seconds and click SkipAd on the top right hand corner... thanks! i'm sending the money for charity through my blog :)>

Arestaurant managed by the Creative Eateries group, Siam Kitchen offers a plethora of traditional and modern Thai cuisine for diners.

Pandan Leaf Wrapped Chicken - I love pandan leaf wrapped chicken, but the one I tried in Siam Kitchen wasn't up to my expectation. Granted, the chicken was pretty tender, but there was hardly any pandan aroma that cling onto, let alone penetrate into, the chicken meat. I wasn't sure what the dark sauce on the side was, but it was midly sweet and sour.

Green Curry Paste Fried Rice with Chicken - It's claimed to be a must try dish as it's found only in Siam Kitchen. I'm not sure how true the statement is, but I wasn't really excited about it when I took a spoonful of the supposedly unique fried rice. First of all, the fried rice was a bit too wet for my liking. Besides that, while the balance of flavour was there with a nice hint of sweetness, I couldn't really detect the aroma of the green curry paste. Having said that, I'd like to commend the chef for putting curry leaves which were fried till crisp, adding another dimension to the dish.

Clear Tom Yum Hor Fun - The hor fun (Chinese flat rice noodle) dish, being visually appealing, had a nice smoky aroma. The soup was adequately thick without being overly sour, and it was only mildly spicy. In addition to seafood items such as squid, prawns and fish slices, there were a bit of mushrooms.

Siam Kitchen Grass Jelly Chendol with Azuki Red Beans - In my opinion, the green, jelly-like chendol could be chewier. Nevertheless, the dessert was pretty refreshing with red beans which weren't overly sweet and coconut milk which wasn't excessively thick either.

Thai Pina Colada - Sans alcohol, the drink was a combination of pineapple juice, fresh pineapple cubes and coconut ice cream. While they could be more generous with the amount of the ice cream, it was indeed a delight to mix it up to make a creamy drink.

Overall, I wasn't particularly impressed with the food offered. I didn't put pad thai (Thai stir-fried rice noodle) into the acid test though, since I wasn't in the mood to eat that the other day.

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The management of Siam Kitchen responded to this review:
17 Jan 2013
Dear Cliff Anderson 992, thank you for your valued patronage at Siam Kitchen, Suntec City. We appreciate your detailed review and we have noted that the pandan chicken and green curry dishes can certainly be improved further. The kitchen crew will be notified accordingly about this matter. We look forward to your next visit again.

Siam Kitchen

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 26

The food sucks, not nice at all. It a waste of money to eat there.

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Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 7

Food not nice. Not worth it!!!

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