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Located along Geylang Road, Sin Huat Seafood Restaurant specialises in tze char and seafood dishes. Priced at $120, Sin Huat's signature crab beehoon has received raving reviews from local foodies and even American television personality Anthony Bourdain.

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Gong Gong, Sea Snails
Gong Gong, Sea Snails
Crab Bee Hoon
Crab Bee Hoon
Crab carnage
Crab carnage
The famous Crab Beenhoon
The famous Crab Beenhoon
  • crab bee hoon 9 votes
  • Frog legs with Chicken Essence 2 votes
  • gong-gong 2 votes
  • Crab 1 vote

Latest Review for Sin Huat Eating House

Overall RatingBased on 32 reviews
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Worst than previous experience! PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GO!!!

Total Review: 1

Been there years ago with a group of colleagues. still remembered the wait wasn't that long and the food quality was still ok least the seafood were fresh despite the exorbitant pricing.

Returned tonight with 2 girlfriends and the experience was so unbelievably disappointing!!! We were out rightly being fleeced!  And I wonder if I can report to CASE on this, have this place closed forever so that other innocent people will not be fleeced!!

Firstly, the service was S***ty! That obnoxious, thinks he is dmn great owner/chef gave us a super black face for just ordering a kailan and crab bee hoon. Secondly, we have to wait nearly 2 hours for our food! And the dishes tasted HORRIBLE!! The kailan was super salty, the bee hoon tasted like rubber and the crabs were not fresh! I have reasons to believe this lousy fare was cooked up on purpose because we ordered so little!!

To make it worst, this lousy, S***ty dinner costs us $200+! Totally not worth every cent!! This is daylight robbery! So why are the supporters still blindly supporting and patronizing this place?!?! It's time to WAKE UP!

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Over priced and bullied by owner

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

We went to celebrate a friend's birthday who has been to Sin Huat before. She told the owner who took orders that there were 3 of us because from her previous experience he insisted that customers have to order X number of dishes. She requested for 1kg of gong gong as not everyone eats it (4 of us). When the bill came he billed us for 2kg and when we questioned him and told him that if he continues bullying customers into ordering and charging them more food than they ordered the crowd would dwindle. He actually told us it's none of our isomers.

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Terrible experience

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

People please do not go there. Terrible services.. Only owner can take order and he is also the cook. Must wait till he is done with his cooking then come out take order. Ordered two crab one sotong two otars, one plate steamed prawn.. Owner say I thought u wan order a lot only order so little.. Insist us to order somemore..we decline and he is angry.Waited 1h 20 mins for the first otars to be served.. Each of us drink two cups drinks as waited too long and too stuffy.. Foods is really d*** salty as had been instructed by my Fren to warn him not to put so much salt.. In the end the pepper crab tasted like being forced feed with salt. Worst case, one sotong cost $65.. The prawn cost $88.And drinks $55. Two pieces otar cost $50!! There's only four of us, and the whole meal was $400 over dollars.The bloody crabs cost $200.. We go confront the owner he say if I anyhow charge nobody wan come here eat. We told him like this we rather go jumbo at least don't need to wait here with bad services, long waiting time, and overcharge of food. He reply then u go jumbo la don't need come here let me cook for u.. People go have a look at his going to collapse coffee shop, the whole place is so old and dirty..really bad experience. Really trust me please don't go.. U sure will regret..

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